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  • The devs are sadly no longer working on the game, so yes, it is dying or some would say dead. You will still find some people playing, the people who do still play are composed of a small amount of the people who played since release and then t…
  • When has SlopClap ever released a mod. They released two DLCs, one being Downfall, one the cosmetics. Absolver will have 0 things added to it now. I put a suggestion for them to allow mod support but frankly i doubt we can expect that, its gonna tak…
  • Downfall was a bust, everyone quickly got max level and gained everything they could of it and now rarely go through the randomly generated yet repetitive dungeon. I think we’ve been abandoned to enjoy the game how it is now tbh, and don’t get me wr…
  • Yanno i check for available updates almost weekly until i finally get frustrated enough to check the forums expecting it to be dead or closed, im always pleasantly surprised. Promises of updates coming in mere weeks along with an oppurtunity to flus…
  • The flowers make them healthier and older? Arent those polar opposites of eachother or does it mean without the flowers they simply wouldn't age? A cool concept, without the flowers they're cursed with immortality.
  • Precious precious fragments I dont rematch people I already know Ill beat until they dip out for fun. I NEED FRAGMENTS DAMNIT. COME BACK AND DIE FOR ME
  • Owh alright. Im part of a ps4 group of around 30 odd active people and none of my friends have complained of it. Assumed it might just be me. Is it wrong of me to be glad its not just me haha? I do hope we get reimbursed somehow since for lower leve…
  • Apologies for spelling errors, its 5am