Is Absolver worth to play right now (2020)

Just got Game Pass on Xbox One and saw that Absolver was there! I completely forgot about this game until I saw it in the list, and I remember how freaking excited I was when I saw the trailer.

Now I want to understand what's happening. Have the devs permanently walked away from this? Any news or plans for the future? Is it a dying game? Is there literally anyone playing it all, on xbox one or whatever?

Because I really want to get into it but it seems like there would be nothing to do with the sad lack of anything going on with the game.

I'd love to get an update on the current state of the game. Thanks!


  • The devs are sadly no longer working on the game, so yes, it is dying or some would say dead.

    You will still find some people playing, the people who do still play are composed of a small amount of the people who played since release and then the odd one here and there since who has found the game and stuck with it.

    You will see alot of the same people playing everyday, the Jade ranked players especially.

    If you own the game already I recommend trying it, the story is short but sweet and the combat is still very pleasing to learn and master. It's whether you are prepared to invest in Absolvets steel learning curve for a game which is on its last legs playerbase wise alongside devs who have announced the game is "finished" and will receive no more updates.

    Fingers crossed for Absolver 2
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