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Absolver 1.30 Balance Patch is live !

March 1, 2019

We have just released a new Balance Patch for PC. Detailed information on the update in this patch note!

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Absolver's forums are the perfect place to start your journey. Learn how to play, meet other players, exchange ideas, and interact directly with our Devs at SloClap!

About the game

“Come forth, Prospect, and
bring balance to this World.”

Movement is your weapon

Movement is your weapon

Absolver features fluid real-time combat in a deeply tactical combat system. Fight your way through duels and battles. Attack, dodge, parry... Master your stances and devastate your enemies.

Craft your own Combat Style

Craft your own Combat Style

The unique Combat Deck system in Absolver will let you design the ultimate style that works for you. Pick a type, master a weapon, learn new moves along the way, and create your own unique ravaging combos.

Seamless Encounters, <br>Unique Stories

Seamless Encounters,
Unique Stories

Players will meet in the world of Absolver, and their choices will steer these interactions either towards PVP or PVE. Moments of tension, leaps of faith, and fragile truces will punctuate your journey through the game.