Absolver 1.30 Balance Patch is live !

Hi everyone,

When the Winter Update was released, the balancing of the game was negatively impacted by some bugfixes (notably the fix on stun durations). Since then, we’ve been working hard on balancing, and especially on frame data. Special abilities for Faejin and Windfall have also been tweaked, as well as the Sharp Impact and Unbreakable powers, and a couple of other bugs.

You will find detailed information on all the changes below. We hope you like them!
Edit: the patch is now live for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Please let us know what you think, whether it’s on our forums, Reddit, Discord or Twitter !

All the best,

Sloclap Team


Gameplay Balancing

Frame data

Frame data have been reworked in this patch, the main goal was to get back the pressure game while keeping a good reaction time against fastest attacks.

We’ve also done some work to differentiate attacks with similar properties by trading blockstun frames with hitstun frames and damage. So some attacks now have a better blockstun value (to stay safe and keep the pressure) while others are more risky but have better rewards (better damage and hitstun to follow-up with other attacks)
We have also nerfed some attacks with several properties (jumping breakers for instance), and ankle stamp has now a startup of 11 frames.

You can see the full frame data here : Absolver 1.30 Frame Data

Special abilities

Faejin Front abilities

Left/Right (Parry):

  • Startup : 18 > 16 frames
  • Damage : 40 > 50
  • Shards bonus : 0.1 > 0.15

Faejin Back abilities

Left/Right/Down (Avoid):

  • Stamina bonus : 20 > 25
  • Shards bonus : 0.1 > 0.15
  • Slowdown duration 6 > 9 frames


Avoid Side (Left/Right):

  • Slowdown duration 14 > 12 frames


Sharp Impact

  • Cut damage repartition : 100% > 80%


  • Damage received reduction : -50% > -25%
  • Damage multiplier on weapon durability : xInf > x8

Bug fixes

  • It’s no longer possible to guard an incoming attack when parried or avoided.
  • We fixed a bug when someone received a snatcher without any weapon in hand (after that, only one hit was needed once he/she had a weapon in hand to be disarmed)

We’ve also fixed the startup frame number displayed for the following attacks (There was a difference of -1 between what was displayed and the reality):

  • Head Splitter
  • Side Wind Thrust
  • Light Swing Slash
  • Limbo Thrust
  • Body Slicing
  • Whirl Slash
  • Swirl Slash
  • Puropera Cut
  • Wrist Jab
  • Double Spike Kick
  • Stumble Slash
  • Wrist Roll Slash
  • Drunk Stomp
  • Hadrunken
  • Forward Lean Slash
  • One Inch Punch

Lastly, the animation of Cleaver Blow is slightly slower, to fit with the 16 frames startup displayed.