Hey where'd my weapons go? :(

Hey, Absolver ps4 player here!

So its happened a total of 5 times now, ive opened up my riftcoins and since the last update weapons earned and appear in the RNG animation simply arent appearing in my inventory. Im trying to save fragments for the full Ripan warrior set and ive been lucky enough to have lots of weapons generate from rift coins for me to salvage.... Yet they just aren't there. They aren't replaced with something else. So in these instances im receiving 2 pieces of gear rather then 3.

Frankly id love to be reimbursed for the inconvenience with a full set of Ripan armor (psn is AznWings)....
Worth a try right?
Id settle for the bug being fixed though. Im sure others are being effected by this or maybe im just that unlucky


  • I've mentioned this in my bug post. this is happening to everyone not just you.
  • Owh alright. Im part of a ps4 group of around 30 odd active people and none of my friends have complained of it. Assumed it might just be me. Is it wrong of me to be glad its not just me haha? I do hope we get reimbursed somehow since for lower level fellas like me getting fragments is hard enough without thousands being piddled down the drain. I saw your complaint and you mentioned how it effects duplicates well ive salvaged all weapons previously apart from my gold river gladius and im getting nothing at all.
  • Precious precious fragments :( I dont rematch people I already know Ill beat until they dip out for fun. I NEED FRAGMENTS DAMNIT. COME BACK AND DIE FOR ME
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    I assumed it was on duplicates since me and my gf have all the weapons variations.
    So turns out if we had none we still wouldnt get them from what you say. i invite you to go mention that on my bug post.

    : P
  • Hi AznWings,

    We're sorry you ran into this issue. THDante is right this issue doesn't relates only to you. The team is hard at work on resolving it, and we'll get a fix for it out as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.
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