Future of Absolver

In their Q&A on Reddit, SloClap said that the future of Absolver would rely mainly on the success of Downfall, and as such, my question is simple; Do we know if Downfall was a success? I think it was, but it's not like I have any numbers to back that up. Thanks for your time guys.


  • Downfall was a bust, everyone quickly got max level and gained everything they could of it and now rarely go through the randomly generated yet repetitive dungeon. I think we’ve been abandoned to enjoy the game how it is now tbh, and don’t get me wrong, I’ll continue to do so. But in terms of what could have been and the future. It looks bleak. Just look at the upcoming features and you’ll notice spectator mode is still not in the game. And as cool as spectator mode would be, it’s not really a game breaking addition. There are hundreds of ideas thought up by the players and most of them are really good ideas that would seriously change the game in a good way. They are thought up because the players love the game, yet to the developers, I like to compare absolved to a pet they can’t be bothered to care for, but won’t sign over to a better owner.
  • Hopefully they put something else out, but I recommend for everyone to not hold their breathe, rumor is that they’ve moved on to the next game in sloclap’s career. But with spectator mode may come some more content, even if it’s a stretch
  • three things murdered this game... 1st... lack of advertising 2nd .. lack of proper matchmaking.. 3rd.. non engaging pve
  • Making this game a pvp focused game was kinda stupid
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