Some bright ideas!

Firstly, id like to give you guys a round of applause for what you've done, a really beautiful game. The combat mechanics alone are gorgeous and a fighter game with them would be a decent game as is. So my first suggestion would not not change the mechanics further past adding a style or two.

Secondly, as a avid player of this game, there are a few small things i think would make a massive difference, such as permanent npcs in the game that serve a function, guidance bridge is often a hub of where people land themselves when bored, why not have a trader npc there for purchasing the gear with fragments? Or maybe consumables which do something or other? Or perhaps two npcs who serve already ingame functions or upcoming functions? I understand the theme of the game and adore it, but the beauty of being a silent lone (for the most part) warrior grows tiresome, it'd be nice to see some change to the map after you become an absolver, so perhaps implement these things if possible?

Another nice idea would be an ingame chat, perhaps an option to almost 'request comms?' and 'accept comms' with players, giving you the option to not even acknowledge a person trying to talk to you should you have an inclination they may just attempt to talk about your mother or if ya just aren't in the mood as you're too busy focusing your chi (eating super noodles), the playerbase is generally respectful of eachother and feel a part of that is due to lack of an easy way of typing, and i feel the option to accept whether you want to hear someone out is a nice compromise. Player interaction is almost always exciting, id love to see something to press this pressure point even more. Too much and the game will lose some of its charm, just the right amount will do wonders!

Also it would be neat if you were placed in the same instance as any friends who may be online automatically, i understand this could cause issues for players from different parts of the world, but ive placed alot of games that do this so i dpnt know if it'd be possible if im honest! And that reminds me! An area where more then three players can be in an instance would be dandy!

Anyway im no game developer! So some of these may be impossible or not to your taste. But, id be very to see atleast one of these ideas implemented!


  • Apologies for spelling errors, its 5am
  • Hi AznWings,

    Thank you for your words of appreciation and your ideas what to add/change in the game. We are always happy to hear your suggestions, though we can't promise they will be implemented in the game.

    As for chat option, it is not planned. Emotes are currently the only way to communicate in-game. Players are encouraged to add each other on Steam or to use the official Discord channels to communicate directly.
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