Absolver Pro

We all know that Sloclap are working on their next project. Details regarding what this actually is have not yet been released but we assume they don't have time to do any more Absolver mods yet, other than possibly more bug fix patches. If the project turns out to be Absolver 2 then I presume it will finish off Absolver because who'd play Absolver when they could play Absolver2? If it turns out not to be Absolver 2 then Sloclap when you have time how about creating an Absolver Pro Paid Addon:

This would be full of things that people who are really into 1V1 PvP want that don't give any advantage to those who buy it over those that don't:

It would include:
1/ Spectator mode. Players who have this can list current ongoing matches then choose to watch any one of them. They also get a chance to give a thumb up/well played or thumb down vote to either of the competitors. This will be seen by them at the end of the match.
2/ Combat deck slot saves.
3/ Combat history: A record of your 1V1 matches stored locally like internet browser history except for fights.
4/ Ability to setup your own knockout tournaments: When you start a tournament it gets listed on the Tournaments Screen. Other players can enter by pressing a button that allocates them a match slot. The winner of the final gets fragments, fame and glory.

Yes I know these aren’t new ideas but feel free to add to this list.


  • When has SlopClap ever released a mod. They released two DLCs, one being Downfall, one the cosmetics. Absolver will have 0 things added to it now. I put a suggestion for them to allow mod support but frankly i doubt we can expect that, its gonna take some time for someone to do it off their own back and by the time it wouldn't result in an instant lawsuit, i imagine they'll have turned Absolvers lights off to save resources from a game only a handful of people play and they no longer make money from
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