I have played for 2 days and love the game. I am 54 years old, so i am a bit slow, but I love a challenge and this game does deliver. My nephews got me started on video games, well, not if you count packman, lol Ive got hooked on WoW pvp and have been playing that game on and off for over 9 years. I've also plaid guild wars 2, Rift, ArcheAge, Tera. lots of Role playing games, mostly interested in PVP. Currently i play WoW, here and there and Star realms, my first card deck building game. Its a great game, I recommend it, it is amazingly well balanced, even though there are some pretty OP cards, if you see that your opponent has them, you can strategies to minimize their effect. only if they come out early on in the game and played properly could you have somewhat of a difficult time winning. Its tough, because you have to win certain amount of games before you can level, and after level 5, every lost game minuses a win from your count, so yeah, i am stuck on level 8, lol.


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