Stun lock

Just got stun locked by a multiple people that were spamming the speed attacks and a never ending chain. Countering or dodging had no effect, so now I am recommending and building a speed deck. Go light and anything with a speed of B or higher and roll face on keyboard or controller for the win I guess.


  • I run a speed style and it doesn't always go my way.
  • Oh yeah, not saying that it is the end all be all. Or that I am the all knowing GOAT of gaming. But let us just agree it is VERY effective...
  • Agreed. It makes you less resistant to attacks dealt to you though which could go bad.
  • Speed is the way to go
  • I'd recommend using your style's special abilities more often, charged attacks to absorb one hit, or attacks that dodge really low (like the low spin heel, I've found this avoids lots of moves when I'm being bombarded by speed players). I tend to have a better time vs speed players than players with balanced techniques.
  • Khalt can have a hard time dealing with speed. I approached this on the guide I uploaded today. It's all about the techs (the attacks with built-in defenses).
  • Speed definitely seems like the way to go, which kind of sucks, because it discourages you from using any cool looking gear. I feel like so much effort was put into designing attire that looks cool and after playing a few hours, I've learned to un-equip all but the frailest rags. This is the fighting game where every character is Oliver Twist.
  • Maaaaan that spam jab crap needs to go...Kids acting like they are good spaming that fast jab like they are good....
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    Fast attack generally aren't very good at breaking your guard, so first of all try blocking and observing.
    Next you might want to try moves that can be charged i.e. ignore stunlock and instead trade blows - this will allow you to start your own combo going. Stagger style dodge forward is very useful in that regard.
    Also Forsaken style can very effectively stop that assault by parrying.

    Fast decks can overwhelm a new unexpirienced player, which make them look like the obvious choice, but they can run out of juice pretty fast, don't hit hard on average and can be countered , once you know what to look for.
  • The exhaust power was tailor-made for dealing with stuff like this.
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    Sedna said:

    Agreed. It makes you less resistant to attacks dealt to you though which could go bad.

    That's not a problem since you never get attacked since you just spam things 1343232454345677664 X faster than any options in the game can ever deal with.

    I just fought someone like this as well. I literally kept getting trapped in the corner, which has never happened before. I tried blocking but my stamina was literally a steady motion of draining over 2 seconds and the attacks were so fast that even my Windfall dodges up, down, left, or right didn't even have time to begin their animation before 98778979596868 more hits came flying in.

    Pretty ridiculous that blocking AND dodging weren't even an option, the only option was losing.
  • the recovery/stun time you get from hits needs to depends on at least 1 thing imo. The power of the attack and the weight.
    In my eyes hits with low power (usually the fast jabs) should allow for faster recovery/less stun at the target, while higher power (usually slower) should require slightly longer stunrecovery (not TO much ofcourse :P)
    Wether or not you can do something with weight here to (aka faster recovery from weak hits if you have more weight (aka armor :P)
    Right now its like they took an avarage between this and gave that to both the fastest and slowest hits, making the fast hits allow for close to 0 counters but using block and then dodge away (cant use style abilities, cant use dodge etc. while in a real stunlock)
  • To be honest the combat system is pretty horrible right now. It's supposed to be a skill based game but there really isn't any skill involved. Like the OP said.... just wear the lightest gear and speed punch your opponent. Nobody in the higher levels even uses or needs defense of any kind. They failed pretty hard
  • I can deal with most fast people, even as Kahlt (but basically have no special ability) with mixups, pokes, armor attacks. I don't use enough of the dodge/parry/dance moves but will work on that. My prob is the super fast people that are smart enough to mix up with effective decks.

    Came across a true terror last night that was a fast attacking character that also had a balanced deck and was great at chaining their attacks. It was frustrating to have no real answer to them in terms of dodging away, blocking + dodging to avoid getting stamina run down, absorb is useless I'm no gd Daigo, and poke hits don't have enough stun even with fast followups. But, fighting game, getting bodied happens.

    Its funny, I never play slow/armor characters in really any game, especially fighting games. I'm fast and light and play similar characters in pretty much all games, but the one time I choose to play a slow heavy brawler it definitely feels like a bad idea.

    Can't profess to know the ins and out of the system though, so, I'm not blaming the game or Sloclap yet.
  • Most fast attacks are really ''straight ones'' without any curve, thus, windfall user, who are realy strong against direct strikes, will adjust nicely into this new somewhat ''meta''.
  • learn to block
  • I don't usually have much difficulty against spammers unless there is lag involved

    Just improve yourself and create your own tactics against em..

    My advice: don't completely scrap and revamp your play style due to a couple brutal losses; simply improve and evolve the one you've been forming.

    I make slight changes to my combat deck and the way I fight multiple times a day it seems like. And it's done wonders.
  • Charged Attacks, Weaving attacks, Low Attacks, there are a multitude of counterplays to speed-is-key combo situations.

    If you're finding trouble breaking through fast jabs then it simply means your deck has very basic holes in it that are being exploited.
  • I think the issue with some of these spammers is that they are using a cheat engine that speeds up their attacks just enough to make it still look semi-normal so they can make their opponent think it's either A. Just lag or B. That they're just speed spamming. When you're tossing in the super kicks though, and wearing heavy armor while attacking super fast? Yeah... they're just using a cheat engine. I have confidence that the makers of the game are going to secure this soon. Once that's squared away I don't see this as being as big of a problem. I've fought against normal speed spammers (The attacks aren't dangerous enough to pose a problem and they depend on their opponent panicking) and cheat engine users with charge attack snuffer spamming. The later you haven't really got much chance against.
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    Huh that might actually explain certain speed players.. The only time I truly struggled against a speed spammer was a guy wearing heavy fur armour and moving fast as hell. Figured something was wrong. He even had an attack where the animation would be nowhere near me but it would always register as connecting. I tought it was just lag at the time.

    I really do hope cheating gets snuffed out
    as soon as possible.
  • Hi,
    There are ridiculus lags. In a game when you must get perfect timing to evade/counter attack - you have trouble.
    If somehow you can throw your golden combo laglessly - try to use special abilities :) Stagger offers nice dogdes with small attach, which give you also good opportunity to start the counter.
    Forward one is charged so you can get hit once. Fast hits are usually straight and weak, so it is not that hard to "read" the deck before your stamina pool is dried. My basic combos are speed prioritized, but alternatives are heavy and "special": charged, guard break, charge break etc. for getting out of such situations with chance of decent damage.
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    I have encountered this before, it is extremely annoying as there is basically no way to counter it once the combo has started.
    Lag is definitely an issue right now, especially in PvP. It might be a cheat engine as you say but remember, Occam's razor, the most likely answer is probably the right one. Anyone can easily program a keyboard macro with perfect timing. Honestly, it wouldn't be hard to do, it just takes time to have it set for absolute precision, every time. I'm 99.9% certain that a lot of CT AFK players are also using macro's to expedite between matches.
  • Does it count as speed if half of your deck is made up of fast attacks and half are made out of slow attacks?
  • ils utilisent juste un moteur de triche. Je suis convaincu que les créateurs du jeu vont bientôt l'obtenir.
  • ils utilisent juste un moteur de triche. Je suis convaincu que les créateurs du jeu vont bientôt l'obtenir.
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