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  • kalth has never stoped being op O_- blame the fact that its the most lag friendly class and strafes. side strafes and absorb was always a powerfull combo.
  • that NPC is a dude in meditation, but the grey folding effect bugged.
  • Oh no 13 moves! thats way to much!, your right it should be 93 moves like roll back fist maybe. sarcasm srsly stagger has everything it needs sides would dodge all verticals or trusts of any kind back would dodge all horizontals of any kind and…
  • the backstagger no longer avoiding mid trust was a good move but its not enough. they need to not avoid mid verticals to. but they also need a little buff to go with that nerf on something else, cause right now they run out of stamina to fast and …
  • as always my pleasure. if you guys think i was unclear about anything feel free to ask me.
    in more bugz :P Comment by THDante May 2018
  • yea being heavy armor is very bad right now. they need to make it viable withouth encouraging turtleing.
  • my pleasure. forgot to include my first tread to. its still has some good suggestions. with this and whats above its pretty much everything.
  • Nulifying damage is not my only concern when i say pushed back kick vs punch. my main concern lies with the fact that they will save themselves the knockback and advantage on hit i would of gained, which would be ilogical since i guaranty you that …
  • Nulifying damage is not my only concern when i say pushed back kick vs punch. my main concern lies with the fact that they will save themselves the knockback and advantage on hit i would of gained, which would be ilogical since i guaranty you that …
  • The key to landing slower moves is to set them up with timing, and by watching the opponent's deck to see where to fit them in and find openings. You can also launch a slower move from a longer range to land it, allowing the opponent to walk into it…
  • I assumed it was on duplicates since me and my gf have all the weapons variations. So turns out if we had none we still wouldnt get them from what you say. i invite you to go mention that on my bug post. : P
  • As always my pleasure.
  • I've mentioned this in my bug post. this is happening to everyone not just you.
  • Glad you like it y0shimitsunokai but unfortunately it didnt win. and also glad you like how it turned out Matfreg, and congradulations in making it to the 30 finalists !
  • yea this needs fixing it makes it harder to time defencive abilities. Some attacks even hit further then the characters actual limbs.
  • lol pretty cool, good job and you have to admit every conectected falcon punch feels good for the soul xD People need to make fun decks i find its the best way to enjoy the game.
  • Here is my submission "Mask of Ancient Sorrow" i like simple grey wood so its not as fancy as i made yours to be xD
  • null Thank you. Ill credit you when ill post it and if you want i can create a concept for you to sculp for your entry if you dont have already done. Just ask My pleasure, im all about fairnness if your masks wins over mine im ok with that and t…
  • null Thank you very much. I really like your idea of recreating it and i would really like to see it come to life. Sure thing cant do it right now though, check back in like 5-6 hours or so it should be done by then i think.
  • Creativity wise good job but personally i only like the maelstorm mask. Its the best looking one of the bunch in my opinion, If you havent entered the mask contest yet dont forget to sign up P.S if you'd like i can bring the maelstrom mask to life…
  • Abolsver pvp can get a lil toxic sometimes Honestly i think sloclap wanted the pvp to be toxic, im gona go ahead and say it. Sloclap wanted you to feel humiliated. otherwise why put in a laughting emote, and a sarcastic clap emote and facepalm emo…
  • Since I can't be effective in a way that will give me personal creative gratification, the game just isn't for me. Clearly for others, but not me. This is my main gripe at the moment. I feel like I have to sacrifice creativity for practicality. An…
  • I've chekd real quick to methamos and definetly something odd going on i've even tried to react to it after a tap guard to lessen the animation lock and idk, somethings off needs a more in depth analysis
  • dang you guys seem to have the subject handeled idk what to add xD
  • Slow fast and normal will aways read the same regardless of class or style its purely gear based. the game tells you basically thats if you use mostly attacks that gain damage from high mobility (scaling) then fast will grant the most bonuses and …
  • Interesting : o this attack is already under high scrutiny from the community it definetly does not help its cause when people find extra undocumented advantages xD
  • meh its fine that way i dont want to make your deck to hard on purpose xD. gona be fun to see how it turns out. And please people for the sake of this being at maximum fun lvl dont suggest to much meta moves xD
  • With all due respect, most drunken styles hit very hard. Double hit moves need to remain because of Khalts style as well as charge moves. The moves have already been tweaked and balanced by Sloclap. It gets frustrating hearing people constantly …