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Basically this is a follow up thread to ...

Here goes.

1. Dye bras for female characters. Its technically clothing. Same goes for underwear.

2. A preview mode for ps4 cause I think PC already has one. Where you can manually control the camera for a group picture. That also hides all the UI and health bars and stuff.

3. A 500-1000 fragment jackpot in rift discs

4. A way to know sword lengths like the chokuto for example its long as hell. How long? Who knows.

5. Ability to see the full color people kneeling at an altar. Only mediation should grey you out.

6. All the broken, rusted and wooden weapons we find in PVE, some are really cool make them 2 shards and buy-able from the essence shop.

7. The Sea guardian set is pretty UN satisfying as the whole set is made of metal and you can dye the steel's Hue, but not for the mask. Make it so the mask is dye-able so it can match its set should I lets say want it all blue.

8. Shield is utterly useless in 3v3 now with the dmg boost. Buff it where it reduces damage a lot more but not damage on guard so to avoid turtle problems.

9. More random encounters like the calbot guy, a mystery aspect can go long ways in games like these.

10. I have a green set I like a lot but there are no green shoes. Give mee lime green shoes please xD

11. Remove all absorb frames form exhaust and earthquake and replace it for charge frames cause right now people are using it to survive death. Not its intended use.

12. When using an emote from the back stances lets say thumbs up, your character does the emotes facing backwards. It would be nice if you could turn automatically to do the emote toward your opponent.

13. When using the sit emote ur character gets up on his own. I know it doesn't matter much but would be cool if you could stay in sit position until you decide otherwise without the game focing you up after 20 seconds or so.

14. No doubles in rift discs. Its possible to get 2 of the same piece of gear in 1 disc. Id be more fun if it wasn't the case.

15. Let us dye weapons please gold is not enough.

16. Re evaluate weapon shard cost and weight. They are to high. ( another of many reasons why going heavy gear is discouraged )

17. Would be nice to have a shard ability to make one self lighter. Basically applying the opposite of gravity on your weight.

18. The game really needs to go from 3 to 4 people per pve map. So you can do private 2v2s

19. Include some new wildlife.

20. Why are all npcs friendly with each other, would be nice to see some fight amongst them selves.

So obviously we want new styles, moves and weapons and gear and pve content most. But all of these would be nice to.


P.S more god hand stuff that would be great as easter eggs.


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