more bugz :P

Hey guys got a couple more for you.

1- some masks seem to bug a little in meditation nothing major.

2- started with a sword in 3v3 on the second match and the weirder thing is its not even my sword. i had wargloves equiped.

3- we had this really laggy 3v3 and when attemping to leave it would not let us, I tried quitting multiple times and it failed. A team mate who was not in a party with me also could not quit and fell of a lege and didnt die, so he was stuck there and couldnt quit. we had to close the game.

4- This might not be a bug but basically i tried to lock on somoene near me and it locked on someone super far away, lock on should not go this far.

5- this one is super weird i was having fun looping sword parry moves and when the npc parried my parry move i lost all movement. could not move at all but all other actions were available.

And finaly this rather game breaking one.

we had some really bad lag in 3v3 we assume its because of the person in the gif leaving or being disconected but after that his presence remained on the point, we could not capture it and if we weren't on it, it would generate points for them.

thats it for now, good luck guys you da best!


  • Hey THDante,

    Thank you for bringing these to our attention. I will pass this along to the rest of the team. If you find anything else that you believe may be helpful, please feel free to share them.

    Thanks again for the feedback and your continued support.
  • as always my pleasure. if you guys think i was unclear about anything feel free to ask me.
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