Absolver: Downfall Patch Notes

Hello everyone!

The Downfall expansion is now available, and the patch notes can be found here:


We hope you enjoy the new updates!


  • и это все?Столько пиара ради этого?((((((((((((
  • beau travail !
    Je ne sais pas combien de temps je resterai captivé par cette MAJ importante... Mais j'ai relancé le jeu c'est déjà pas mal ! Il me manquait un peu :-)
    Hâte de tester tout ça et encore bravo.
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    Sloclap please what you guys have done with the game?? It’s super slow now, it mess with the timing, and you must know that TIMING it’s a huge issue to be a good player. My absolver looks like fighting in slow motion, I can’t manage to conect my moves and goldlink as usual. Sorry but this change sucks, hope you turn back around.

    Big Absolver fan here, tks!
  • Hey Zonzo,

    We are sorry to hear that you have an issue with the performance of the game.

    Can you answer some additional questions to clear thing up, please?

    - Which platform you're using playing the game (Steam/GoG/PS4)?
    - If you play on PC does your PC specifications meet the minimum requirements for the game on your PC?
    - Have you updated your graphics card driver to the latest one?
    - Have you tried changing graphics settings?
    - In which region are you located/playing from?
    - Have you tried reinstalling the game?

    Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.
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    I don't think Zonzo is talking about anything related to game performance.
    This issue of the the game feeling "slower" or clunkier" was a result of some undisclosed change in the update that is effecting everyone.
    There are multiple threads on reddit about it, but i've yet to find anything that officially explains what exactly was changed.
    I'v eeven had to change up my deck i've been using for the last 6 months because some of the slower moves now put me at such a huge disadvantage now it seems.

    I know most of the community would appreciate some communication from SLoclap on what exactly was changed to combat speed in the update.
    Some explanations i've seen on reddit talk about Gold linking windows being reduced and other timings having to do with buffering, but honestly to an average palyer like myself the combat just feels very slow compared to pre patch.
  • here's links to a couple of discussions on reddit where i think people are trying to figure out what is going on with the slower pace since patch. I also heard multiple youtubers mention it, but AFAIK it seems noone really knows what was changed and i can't find anything in the patch notes that seems to address what is different.


  • I played on my ps4 last night and didn't really notice any performance issues. Granted that I was too much in awe of the downfall update and loved the enhancements. Everything from big updates to even small tweaks. Would be nice to have consistency between the downfall and the rest of the world, but I'm sure there's logic behind the differences. The AI updates are brilliant! Enjoy that it's challenging again fighting these lost prospects :) This has definitely secured many more hours of refining my combat style and improving fighting skills. Love your work sloclap!
  • The downfall update is amazing I hope there's more to come in the future thx sloclap awesome work and just a phenomenal game love it and the story please let there be more in the future
  • Sorry by the late.
    Answering: first, DEACON it's right. I think it's a change in the moves, it's not about the game speed. Example: when I use moves with 2 hits it became very easy to see the difference after the DLC. And even trying to block after suffer one hit my character take time to be ready for the move I engaged. Somethink like change the rate of speed from 1x to 0.4x in general.
    I'm playing with PS4, in Brazil, Sao Paulo region. I didn't tried to reinstall the game, but you think this is a viable solution? I think it's not the case. When a first sow this change I assume that was intentional, like a downgrade in the performance of all characters, for some strategic reason that sloclap has planned. I played a session PVP, with different types of players combat styles (windfall, forsaken, kahlts) and I noticed that the new (faejin) doesn't have this issue, so...I was punished by them, it was sad to see...I trying to fight my best way (that its not bad at all) and feel weakened.

    Apart of this issue in PVP and playing against NPCs, the game is awesome, and the downfall it's an amazing upgrade (graphics, story). Thank you guys for the great work, you should be proud, sincerely, I am, and I am just a player!
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    Right now I'm downloading a large update, most likely the first patch after Downfall.
    Question for the devs: are there any notes about this patch? Just out of curiosity.

    And yes, regarding the "slow moves" I did notice something as well, even though I couldn't find a technical explanation like the guys above. I wonder if it's been slowed down on purpose to balance all moves with the new Faejin set. It could be the case.

    That said, I take the chance of thanking you for the great work on Downfall. You exceeded my expectations. Really excellently done. And that underground temple is amazing! I thought I was in one of the best Tomb Raider games! Really wonderful job. You guys are a great team and I hope you got a sales jump with this and you'll continue developing games with ease.
  • i have a quick question, is there a way to get the stuff back that i played for today? i lost every item i got today and didnt get my shards back :(
  • Personally my combat deck was crippled by the update. It heavily focuses on mobility and speed, as I am trying to make Windfall work. Over the past few days I have noticed many places in the deck where I could confirm a combo against the AI it now auto dodges right or blocks every single time as though there are additional recovery frames after my move. That really crippled a lot of the combos and switch ups. Sadly that's a breaking change for the deck forcing me to change moves in it to restore the speed and mobility of it. I have since tried some alternate moves in places and though that helped a little it still feels as though recovery and gold link timing are way off from before.
  • Yo sclp, ill soon make a post about my thoughts to the update too. Now im just not rdy cause im not 100% sure about all the changes.

    I just saw some negativ posts and wanted to tell you that youve done an awesome job! Srsly not only the playercount is high enough for a fluent matchmaking now but i think you guys really managed to make this game long-timed fun for alot of players. GJ!
  • This faejin style is hard asf
  • Right now I'm downloading a large update, most likely the first patch after Downfall.
    Question for the devs: are there any notes about this patch? Just out of curiosity.

    Hey Acejenderd,

    These were hotfixes to patch gamebreaking issues so didn't have patch notes. We'll try to make note of what exactly it fixed in our next set of full patch notes.
  • The Downfall update makes this a top tier simulation of which I'd pay the $60 if I had to and look forward to future installments.

    The mechanic definitely changed. In one downfall swoop sloclap eliminated speed spam decks, heavy spam decks alike.

    The combat feels more realistic and attacks meatier. I love it. Window for gold linking tightened. I knew immediately some people were goings to be upset but Adapt.

    Blink punch till the end.
  • I HATE the 2 v 1 combat mechanics. And why don't the NPCs suffer stamina loss like the player does? There's no balance. Our stamina needs to either be doubled or they (the npc) need to take stamina depletion after blocking a number of attacks. Instead their stamina is regenerating while blocking hits!

    The brother and sister bosses are obnoxious to fight because they surround the player and there is no way to see or effectively block an attack from behind; and since there's no grappling in the game, I find this whole immunity Kahlt style to be super broken. So add in that style along with the stamina issue and it makes the game a whole lot of NOT FUN.
  • @Ethromel

    You can block from behind. NPCs do in fact, suffer from stamina depletion, because I have broken their guard iirc. Look at your combat deck and see which attacks do more damage to an opponents stamina should they block it. Breaking attacks are amazing at this
  • @LuxisAudron

    Thanks, I'll look in to it, but I still feel the combat is not well fleshed out. And blocking is not fluent enough in to offensive attacks. The lack of grappling is a big downside to this game.
  • Rollback the I-Frames of the dodge. I thought we learned from 1.06 how bad it is to let people mash dodge and get away for free.
  • SHOKK said:

    Rollback the I-Frames of the dodge. I thought we learned from 1.06 how bad it is to let people mash dodge and get away for free.

    agreed. Manual dodge is so broken in its current state.
  • Grappling would we awkward to put into the game to be honest. A lot of issues with server lag and timing create a lot of issues in quite a few games when it comes to a grappling mechanic. The game play has a lot more depth as you not only learn more about your moves but your opponents moves as well. Moves that before seemed pointless might suddenly take a new outlook as you gain experience. It will not seem like it at the early stages of pvp when everyone is just spamming the fastest attack they have over and over. When you get to the higher stages people learn how to counter that and they suddenly have to learn how to mix up attacks. When you reach those stages its a lot more fun.
  • Got booted from my school and lost my mentor status right after update. Gotta restart Score from zero with a new school and no students. Any way I can retrieve my Mentor status back??was in the top 15 and would much appreciate not having to fight all those people over.
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