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  • GodKingTruth
    Thankyou guys for an awesome game, I sincerely tip my hat to you guys, absolver is one of the most underrated slept on games ever. I love fighting games and absolver just takes the cake. I hope you guys make a part2, I'll gladly pay full price. I'm organizing with a few other people to promote the game, hopefully it can get the attention it deserves to show the devs the game is worth the time/money to pick back up for an upgrade or to give us part2.
    January 2020
    • kgames23
      Have they stopped updateing the game?
  • lafarian
    Hey when is that update you said you were gonna do for Xbox one of absolver school problem because it has not happened yet.
    July 2019
    • SolitaryShroom
      July 7th still no word on whether schools will ever come back to Xbox One platform... I just joined and I absolutley love this game I really want to get involved with the community and trials and school but unfortunately the game doesn't allow it at the moment... Still no word on a bug fix or patch.
  • SamSlade

    So I encountered a new player tonight with he user name JewHunter1945. I took a screen cap and can email it to support if you like but I though tI;d send a heads up in case you wanted to act swiftly


    August 2018
    • slcp_Vanguard
      Ultimately, you want to report things like that to the platform you're on. The game uses the ID of either Steam, GoG, or PSN for in-game names, so it's up to those platforms to police their name policy.
  • EruFarondir
    Hey do you know how to get in contact with an Absolver official? I have a question regarding Ps4, It's not something i want to post as a forum thread as it pertains to an issue only they can address
    July 2018
    • slcp_Vanguard
      You can send an email to support_ps4 (at) sloclap (dot) com with the information.
    • thatboyricky1
      Could u give me the full email i need to talk to a support specialist to thanks alot