Multiple hackers and Imbalanced Matchmaking

Hello, I've been encountering a ton of cheaters/hackers when I started playing Combat Trials to further advance my pve experience. I am not sure whether or not I should post their details here, and I have submitted some messages from the original website. Their hacks are as listed :

-Pulling me towards them for their combo to go on (even though I dodged back with spacebar enough to dodge his short range punches).
-No stagger when I hit them

Another thing about match making is it's imbalanced properties. I hope the Absolver team can add some sort of balanced match making through skill analyzing. I understand that this is a new game and there's still a lot to improve, but I wish the team can try improving the matchmaking system before adding more content. I've matched against higher skill and leveled players and getting overwhelmed constantly, and I've also matched against lower skill and level players which I always feel bad when I combo them.


  • Hey there JinTakeshi, thank you for bringing these points to the forums!

    Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the potential player misconduct you've encountered when playing. We take reports of cheating and hacking incredibly seriously, so if you have any names or videos/screenshots, I'll happily make sure they're brought to the team for review.

    As for balance and refinements, I very much appreciate your feedback and will ensure that this is seen by the team.
    While I can't guarantee they'll respond directly, it'll most certainly make it to them.

    Thank you again, and please keep your feedback and thoughts coming!
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