Level cap

I was just wondering if the there's any plans to raise the level cap above 60?


  • Not currently, no. We are working on a Prestige system for players already at the level cap and we'll have more details on that as we're closer to bringing it live.
  • Ok cool are there any details on the prestige system you can give out now.
    thanks very much for getting back to me so promptly and Keep up all the good work
  • And just out of interest is there any sort of level cap on the combat trails
  • Hi a_wandering_fox,

    There is no cap for Combat Trials.

    As for Prestige, there are no details we can share now, sorry.
  • What prestige is from a terrible ping?
  • Thanks for the prompt reply/slcp_WaterfallX. I look forward to more details about the prestige system keep up the good work every one at sloclap
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