Item Drop Rates

I'm curious if anyone came across statistics for the chance percentages of items.

Currently, I'm level 127 and have yet to earn a mask in combat trials.

Thank you in advance!


  • Im pretty sure it is 100% random. ! character have have gotten 5 or 6 masks from combat trials and level 90+ and another one i have gotten about the same at level 30 combat trials. Only one weapon on each one. Both characters have gotten different masks. I also have a friend that has gotten very few masks. and is over level 100 combat trials.
  • I am level 200 and have gotten some masks but not as many I hoped for I still haven't got a sword drop ;(
  • Thank you for the responses. Level 132 currently and I've been plagued with the curse of duplicates. No masks or weapons but a vast majority of elbow pads.
  • 140 here
    A couple masks, no swords or gloves, millions of duplicates of everything else:P
  • Well then! I currently have...

    63 undertops
    36 overtops
    51 gloves
    86 belts
    102 trousers
    87 shoes
    96 elbows
    80 shoulders

    10 masks

    I think there's an issue with my chances for diversity in items. :)
    I think this is the best argument for the current drop rate. I havent gotten any cool masks but I do have the moon pike sword which I havent seen anybody else with. With most loot only having 3 stats it doesnt feel like one particular set will be the "be all end all". I enjoy the individuality of peoples characters. So wear that one thing you havent seen anybody else use cause your one of the lucky ones. And Im sure you have at least one piece of rare gear. If items do become attainable though in game currancy or trade it should be so stupidly expensive that youll be lucky to buy anything ever.
  • You have great points but, yes - there's a but. I don't have anything that would be considered rare. Every piece of gear is a drop from an npc and then a pristine version from the trials.

    Combat trial 166 and I finally received a mask drop. :D
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    Good work you earned it.
  • Can confirm that loot drops in the Combat Trials are 100% random at this time. We'll look into ways to improve the loot/reward experience in the future, but there's no current ETA on this.
  • Thank you for the response! Fashion aside... I still love this game to death.
  • I think the completely random loot drop system is cool to be honest And I think it adds something to the game. It makes rare loot seem more exciting
  • I do wish there was some way to drop/destroy items. Right now I'm sitting on like 10 pairs of khaki's
  • Hey pod476, you're in luck! The team is working on a way to help with excess inventory items, and while there isn't an ETA yet, we'll post more details when they come through!
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