Enemy can't attack.

I've been having this bug occur recently, ever since 1.05 it seems. In the middle of battle, their character will just jiggle around, trying to attack or emote. Anyone else have this issue?


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    I have had this happen TO me as well, but only when I played with a friend. Haven't had that problem since 1.06 dropped though. Only happens to my opponent in Combat Trials now.
  • Hey there BullseyeBobE, thanks for keeping us in the loop with this! I'm glad that you're no longer unable to attack, but since this is happening to your opponents post-patch, I'll pass this to the team to have a look at. Thank you again!
  • No problem guys! Other than that, there's been a weird disconnect or "whiffing" happening when an attack seemingly SHOULD land. It's like attacks are being cancelled outright and NOT registering. Not sure if lag or a bug, or the recent tweak on fast attack ranges, but something to consider. It's almost as if the range/speed of the attack is not synced up with the literal range/speed shown in the animations, therefore the attack is hitting and even clipping through the opponent, when it's not actually connecting.
  • A buddy and I noticed this while fighting one another yesterday. It looks like the attack hits normally, but nothing happens....No impact at all. I CAN still be hit and attack, and most attacks still work fine. Pretty sure it has to do with patch 1.06
  • Hey again, thanks for following up with me! The attacks whiffing and breezing through opponents when they should land really needs checking out as well, so I'll make sure this is passed to the team too! If you notice anything else, please let me know!

    While I can't guarantee a direct response from them, everyone really does appreciate the time players take to let us know what isn't going right. Thank you!
  • I can provide video if that helps at all! Got a few cases recorded.
  • Hi BullseyeBobE,

    Yes, that would be really helpful, if you could! It'll all be passed on to the team. Thank you for your help!

    Have a great day!
  • Ok, I'm uploading the footage and will link you guys to it. To be honest though it seems to have disappeared after 1.07, though now I'm having the issue where I can't play with my friend again. Says "Can't find the player in this region" but we both live in the same country, in the same time zone. Says the same for him as well. We've had a similar problem in the past where if we'd attack one another (depending on who invited who) the receiver would seemingly be hit by air, as the opponent would be stuck in attack position. Now we can't join one another at all :(
    Back then restarting the game, or our PS4's would fix the issue sometimes, but not always. Changing areas didn't seem to have an effect. Now no troubleshooting seems to fix the issue.
  • Here's the example I have recorded, mostly noticeable in the beginning of the match, with a few cases throughout the fight. Most attacks work fine.

  • I noticed sometimes it doesn't matter what direction you windfall avoid to, as the attack will not register damage. I can duck and still essentially avoid a low attack, for example.
  • Here's an example of getting hit by air, while the attacker stands still.

  • Hey,

    Thank you for the videos, they are really helpful! We're glad to know your original issue was fixed with the latest patch, although we're sorry you're now having different problems! I'm passing this on the team for review now. Thank you for your help!
  • No problem, keep up the awesome work you guys! We're rooting for y'all!
  • though now I'm having the issue where I can't play with my friend again. Says "Can't find the player in this region" but we both live in the same country, in the same time zone. Says the same for him as well.

    For this one go ahead and shoot us an email at support_PS4@sloclap.com and give us as much information as possible so our support team can work through this one with you.

  • Sure thing, Email sent. Tried again today, still no luck playing together.

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