• Maybe not a general chat, but more emotes for sure. I think with the right emotes you can get your point across
  • I prefer more emotes over a general chat, but a quicker and simpler way to message other players would be great.
  • yea i was going to agree with chat, but i agree more with emotes now
  • I think a simple proximity based voice chat would be cool. The general Absolver community seems mature enough to handle it.
  • Agreed, with a proximity voice chat we can have an easier time setting coops and duels, some random banter and maybe making friends through it wouldn't hurt either. Absolver is probably not a game that is going to be flooded with griefers. Well, probably.
  • Private messages that can be toggled and/or blocked.

    No gen. chat please, I like the feel of a world where you read everything and everyone as a potential opponent with uncertainty, General chat can do as much harm to game comminities as good.
  • I don't want Text or Voice chat.
    These games promote very toxic behavior from people with egos.
    That will rub new players the wrong way about the game that promotes a 'honor' like atmosphere, and you have people kinda breaking that.

    It's possible if they get pressured enough they'll do it, but I hope they don't and stick to their guns as it's a bad idea.

    Emotes are fine as is.
    If you want to talk to someone, add them, and if they accept, talk. If they don't accept, they don't want to talk.

  • maybe a compromise? A local, proximity chat? Like only players who are within a specific range are "audible".
    You could go a step further and make it an option which is, by default turned off. Giving the choice to people whether they want to communicate or not. I agree that there are people who add to the toxicity in gaming but I would like to believe that most, at least in the Absolver community, generally want to be friendly and helpful :)
  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for sharing. A proximity chat sounds like a cool idea! That being said, of course, we can't guarantee the idea will be used, but I'll be passing this along to the rest of the team.
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    SHOKK said:

    I don't want Text or Voice chat.
    These games promote very toxic behavior from people with egos.

    Absolutely. Those immature folks could behave bad enough with just emotes. Adding a chat is like opening a very large can of worms - I honestly think it's more trouble than it's worth. I do want to belive our community is mature enough to handle that, but people can be pricks even when there's no violence involved. You make them lose and you see what happens.

    Also, I think using just emotes has its own charm. It's a feature in of itself in my opinion. The one I actually enjoy.
  • I think a PM option would be best, that is togglable so you can choose to be contacted by other players or not.

    Proximity chat won't work, given there are only 3 players per instance and more than likely not near enough to hear each other.
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