New School Challenges not registering wins (PS4)

This started happening halfway through the last school challenge. There is no leaderboard because it's not logging anyone's wins.

I'm sure you're busy with the winter update coming soon ™, but this is ridiculous.


  • I have won 4 times with my current school deck, yet my wins don’t appear on my school profile
  • I'm so glad I'm not the only one having this problem. I've gotten gold in every school challenge so far, and I'm pretty damn disappointed that this time around I'm gettin nothing
  • Same here. I can no longer get a recorded win for my school.
  • Same here on Xbox servers. The end of the last school challenge my school wouldn’t load at all for me or my students and I didn’t get the points I should’ve at the end after it freaked out. Now again this season it’s saying my school inexistant but I still have a school and points but again can’t load anything. My school is 25818 I’m in NE usa
  • All my school progress and wins just disappeared with the update so I dunno what that's all about, kinda salty though tbh.
  • Hey all,

    The school servers have been fixed. All schools should be back and school functions should now work again.
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