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  • Pc player here, would love to be able to rebind the lock on to anything other than the scroll wheel.
  • Oceania Servers exist now, BUT we cannot connect at all LOL. They're not releasing Oceanic servers till Friday. Unless you're talking about the Korean servers we're using at the moment
  • You beautiful people. Was worried it was another money grab like Blade and Soul pretending to plan on adding oceanic servers. Thankyou for not being like that.
  • ^ Agreed, also on the topic of emotes some dance emotes would be fun. Not top priority stuff to be sure but those MMO dance parties go off.
  • They're only a small dev team, probably never had to deal with this sort of issue before. Gotta give em time to fix it. I'm just happy they finally gave us an ETA of some sort. That said, it'd be nice to get an ETA on oceanic server release as well.…
  • ^ Definitely this. Hard to have a game based on small group pvp be successful without either a really good pve mode (Darksouls) or some kind of competitive league that can become an e-sport, (overwatch, dota, blade and soul etc).
  • If you live in Australia we have consumer protection laws that allow us to get refunds on purchases that were not as advertised. I'm not sure how you go about doing this but if you poke around the internet you might find something. Check steam's com…
  • Apparently Aus servers aren't up on launch and PS4 is getting redirected to asia servers, i.e. you have 200+ ping because that is the worst possible server they could have selected for oceanic players. Bear in mind you can still get a refund after …