Aus server location

okay what the hell. i read this game had an AUS server somewhere but the lag says otherwise. don't tell me that it's a dedicated AUS/Oceanic server located outside of the region because that's just bull crap.

im teleporting around the map AND it's almost impossible to sidestep/duck/jump attacks against other players in matchmaking half the time.

im playing on ps4 pro and my ping to the Brisbane server on a normal speed test is about 13ms there is no way i should be having more then 50ms to a server in oceanic region and if this is the kind of lag with 50ms how did it make it out of beta without being addressed?


  • I'm with you on this. Borderline impossible to play/kill anything whilst going through what you're going through.
    I've also made a post about this. Hopefully they fix it very soon.
  • Apparently Aus servers aren't up on launch and PS4 is getting redirected to asia servers, i.e. you have 200+ ping because that is the worst possible server they could have selected for oceanic players.
    Bear in mind you can still get a refund after the 2 hour play time restriction if you bought it through steam by refunding through steam under consumer protection laws for buying a product that was not as advertised (no australian servers).
    You should be able to do this up until australian servers are released, in the event that they don't actually plan on having oceanic servers.
  • i got it on ps4. i have played more then 2 hours because i really want to play this game and when offline it was just fine. the online part however is comple and utter SHIT.

    the worst part is this game is mostly online so while i did the game offline doing solo stuff waiting for servers to get a bit more stable i can't really get a refund. i don't even know sonys refund policy since i bought it on the PSN to play at midnight.
  • If you live in Australia we have consumer protection laws that allow us to get refunds on purchases that were not as advertised. I'm not sure how you go about doing this but if you poke around the internet you might find something. Check steam's community hub for Absolver, loads of shit going down there atm.
  • While our Australian servers weren't open at launch, we did open up servers in Sydney shortly afterwards. That, and our recent patches, should resolve most of the issues you ran into initially.
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