School Server Not Working - Xbox One

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The school servers have been down for 2-3 days now on Xbox One. No leaderboards, unable to search for schools, unable to create school, school exp not being added to pool, the Rakkio NPC at the colosseum does not work. Nothing works school wise whatsoever. There's been numerous people over the last day or two on Twitter asking you about this, yet you have failed to say anything at all to any of them. You have left us entirely in the dark. Please do your players a service and look into the school server issue on Xbox One and give us some form of update so we know what's going on and maybe an ETA on a fix.

And since I know I will be asked several certain questions as I've seen it done in other posts:

- I play on Xbox One.
- I'm in the Midwest of the USA in North America.
- It has been happening for at least 2 days now and is still an ongoing issue currently.
- I have tried both resetting/rebooting my router AND my console already, several times in fact. The issue is not fixed by doing either and the school server remains down. This is an issue on your end, not on the players end.

Any update for us Xbox players would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    Having the same issue on Xbox one midwestern region schools fail to load very irritated as I cannot learn stagger style yet I see so many others with the style.
  • Same here none of my student can’t see Thayer level and I’m not getting any of my wins I also can’t look at the leader boards to see my schools placements it’s been going on for at least 4 days. I’m in Pennsylvania so NE United states
  • Yep. Day 5 of this issue over here. Eastern North America. Pitiful not even being addressed by devs.
  • Hi all,

    We're aware of the issues people are reporting with Schools. We have some fixes coming in our next patch. We have no ETA to share at this time.
  • Sloclap please fix the "school not found issue on Xbox one, Your game is not dead , if you work on like the "school
  • Today is July 14th 2019, I'm in midwestern region, I am on xbox one. I played on ps4, I played on pc. My problem is the same as the others here, which apparently has been a problem since January which is ridiculous to say the least. I willingly purchased this game three times now, and even bought dlc cosmetics just to give you money because I like the game that much. We need answers as to what is happening and what is going to happen to the xbox one school systems. They are still claiming to be unable to be reached to this day and nothing has been said about what is going on. Please say something, I will be posting to twitter daily and checking here daily until I can finally get a response about this. I love the game, but without the school system I can't get all the styles and achievements for the game like I want, let alone bring my school to the top again. I NEED ANSWERS!
  • Pretty weird business model -- create a high lvl PVP game, then abandon it and go silent while.... making a sequel? Would the current population move over to a sequel, seeing how Sloclap treated this game? Would this company have a good reputation after Absolver? If they continued to support it -- I'd say yes. A passionate community will stick with a game even through all of the problems. If they drop the game -- then I'd say no. They had a good thing, fumbled it, and now buried it. Is the next thing the servers going dark? Who is going to play their next game?
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