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So the game went from kinda broken post downfall to nothing works the way it supposed to after the new patch.
Idk if anybody else is experiencing broken mechanics throughout combat but i am getting really sick of getting used to all the stuff that changes with updates just to be forced to get used to it all over again the next time a patch comes out...
Im frustrated and cant play this as often. Its not that i dont absolutely love this game cause i do, but i think i can do without a pvp game that literally loses the fights for me when controls dont respond or lag makes anticipating attacks impossible, rubber banding sends me over edges, blocking spammy players use more stamina than actually throwing out heavy attacks, npcs have instant stamina regen and unlimited fucking powers,
3v3 is a complete gank fest,
Downfall becames pointless in two hours,
And 1v1 is nothing but metal skin spam and cut melee spam.

Thats not even remotely scratching the surface.... (Edited by Mods - This type of comment is not acceptable here.)

I really hope you guys dont give up on this game i know i dont want to but omfg its become difficult to enjoy anymore for me...


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