Ways to add more players to the game?

Anyone have any ideas to help sell this game to a bigger audience? Cuz honestly this IS a good game and it’s really not getting the attention it deserves. I’m not saying it needs millions of sales or anything. But it IS a solid fighting game. I was at first gonna suggest reducing the price to 15 dollars, but with the downfall update I think it’s definitely worth 20 bucks to the general consumer. Mild PvE content in the beginning, a bit more with the Downfall mode, and a lot of focus on PvP that, honestly, doesn’t really get old thanks to some decent balance patches. I don’t see as many jab spammers in the game because of it. Only gripe right now is how some moves are a bit overly meta. (Whirlwind Double Punch is in like 80% of decks right now it seems lol)

Anyway, before I start to ramble, anyone else have ways to keep this game alive...? Cuz I really don’t want it to die. Reminds me of a game called Rumble Fighter back in the day lol (in terms of player count in relation to how good it was)


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    Id really like to start something like a community publicity campaign to raise the players numbers. like a few douzent devoted absolver players that advert absolver activly via social media and/or flyers that they distribute amongst people in their city.
    BUT i know alot absolver vets. that are upset with the game rightnow, so maybe its not the right moment. Maybe we could give it a try as soon as the xbox version is released and more fixes take place.
  • Definitely sounds like the perfect time. I hope the Xbox players get the game soon. Why are vets upset about the game though? I only started playing in July so I don’t really consider myself a long time player lol
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    I started at the beginning of january so 3month after release, so maybe im not a vet too, but most self proclaimed vets are complaining on reddit about earthquake, manuel dodge spam , turteling, spamming 12 frame attacks against khalt on the balancing side
    and laggs and desync(wich i can confirm is a real problem) and "broken" defensive abilities on the techniqual side

    I mean i played this game over a thousand hours and if i go all out with using sword and spells i can keep winning over 90% of my games. So id say i know this game well.
    And so i think the real existing problems are desynchronization of hit/and animation wich is important to have a stable
    and controllable dodge timing and
    an uncomfortable input delay on the defensive ability
    and at last a little delay in between attacks that make the whole game a little bit slower but that combat feeling is would be better without it.
    As far as i can tell, the most other complaints are overstated minor issues.

    If you ask me id say the game is already the greatest game ever, but i can understand the complaints in those 3 cases and i think fixing them would be very healthy for the game and its playercount.
  • Well, it's not only how to get new players but also how to keep players in the game if they are ot super successful and still learning (because to be honest the game needs quiet some time to learn all the finess and to correctly read the coming attacks of your opponents). It doesn't help if some more experienced players are just rampaging through PVP liek there's o tomorrow; that just happened to my buddy and me teh other ady, we were playing a 3v3 which already took a long time to start (some 20 minutes or so) just to find ourselves completely outclassed by teh other team. And while we really didn't stand a chance in winning they were still ganking on us instead of keeping it to 1v1 fights, just so they could rush faster through it... I love the game so I don't mind but I see that this is a real frustrating experience and I understand if other new players would not enter 3v3 anymore if this happens a few times. And when you get fast attack spammed over and over in 1vs1 (by players that barely wait for you to respawn, attacking you teh very moment you are back up) there's not much left to keep the game going for the casual dude.
    So you people want to keep players in the game start to behave like you want players in. Don't drive them away with bullshit behavior. Yes, your 1v1 might take 15 seconds longer if you wait for the guy to get up and get settled. Same for 3v3, not group bashing a clearly weaker player might stretch the fight by 20 seconds, so waht?
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    Well First Devs have to make this game big like add moar place to discover
    many of my friends and others have told that this game is tooo small ;-;
    Either make this game free and add ingame pay to get crystals that way ppl will join moar and Devs will be able to make moar contents Or add moar Place in the game
    For Example Warframe

    also people Get Cringy i mean not Every one Is gonna be good as you in PVP. It also need alot Coop PvE adventure content which will also make moar Youtuber/twitch to support this game

    The graphics in This Game Are Realllly Great and would make a Awsome RPG game

  • @Shaadea that problem would be almost non existent if we had enough players for a proper matchmaking.

    I try to be kind to all kinds of players including thos3 below lvl 1000 or 500or even 100 but its not like a experienced players could make the fight balanced and therefore fun.
    I think its more important to get alot players via free to play or greater advertising after the xbox release and some fixes.
    Because no matter how kind everyone ist, its just no fun to completely stomp someone or get stomped.
    Actually I had plenty of fun getting stomped as I entered absolver because i was learning quickly but I can understand that the majority of player would prefer a somewhat balanced match.
  • More content like downfall and in game quick chat would all improve players joining and retention. Maybe adding temporary immunity right after you spawn (enough to protect the first couple hits but not enough to sprint across to get in hits) in 1v1 would prevent opponents from running new players down. Unfortunately there is no good way to fix ganks in 3s we just have a lot of players that prefer the easy way to victory unless we get ingame voice chat with your team
  • y a mini respawn protection could be usefull for new players.
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