Xbox release

Hi sloclap,
I just wanne ask, when can we expect the xbox release and more important for other pc players and me, when will we get some gameplay improvements like defensive abilities that have the start up speed from before downfall, eq nerf and/or manuel dodge nerf and maybe a synchronization for the defending player so dodges and so on become consistent regardless of the lagg?
Im mainly asking because the pc playercount is declining more than ever and even so pc players know each other anyways, we'd like to fight someone with a deck that we don't know inside out, from time to time.
I mean I have hope that all this can grow again, but knowing it more specific would cheer me up a whole lot.

Btw id really like to know, how many players are playing on ps4? Maybe i need to switch. I dont know. I don't know if I could use the keyboard than :/


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