They destroyed the game.

good night,
Unfortunately I will have to stop playing ABSOLVER !!
Because the game with this new change was very annoying, predictable and disheartening.
Now it is enough to divert and escape and the victory is guaranteed, and what is worse, without any merit of the player, is only to run and divert, to hope to end its resistance and ready. I was one of the first to buy the game and I have more than 1,900 hours of game, I liked very much, but the developers got lost and game lost its excence. I participate in several groups with hundreds of players in all of them are giving up the game, even several people who did videos to the mountains on Absolver on You Tube are giving up on either the PC or Playstation.
It's unfortunate, but without a change for the game to stay balanced and we can use the skills in fact, there is no reason and animosity to play.


  • soooooooo what change? What about the change made it bad? Right now you are not giving them anything to work with really. You mean they hit and back off? They don't like random pvp and run away?
  • ROG might Be Right

    The Game is Unbalanced atm
    WindFall is Broken
    Timing System for moves is Broken
    too many hackers Still see many of em using teleport Hacks
    School events Are already Rigged :/

    What we need Is Moar PVE then PVP
  • Jeantall said:

    soooooooo what change? What about the change made it bad? Right now you are not giving them anything to work with really. You mean they hit and back off? They don't like random pvp and run away?

  • Excuse me! It's just an opinion, a point of view, I do not have to be right, but I think the discussion should happen, the game has no more confrontation, you'll execute a coup and they run away, it's a game where it's worth tuff to win and no have fun. As I told a friend if it is to joagar just to win, I will play poker that yields more $.
  • Okay, I see where you're coming from, but I have to say after a good two hundred plus hours in downfall I have to disagree. At first the changes really annoyed me and I considered writing a discussion titled "Downfall, a name taken literally". But I gave it some more time and here's what I discovered.

    First, the game is slightly slower now because avoids now cancel gold linking, but at the highest levels play has always been a bit slower. I'm sure you remember that random silver or jade prestige player who threw out a move every couple of seconds and somehow managed to only get hit twice. This game is hella intricate and learning all your moves, and unlocking all the other moves is a huge step towards understanding your opponent better.
  • Second, the attack timing is actually correct now. Before it was much easier to pull off avoids because there seemed to be some kind of timing buffer that allowed attacks and avoids to be a little early and still function correctly. Now you have to play reactively when you are defending. Predictive defense is no longer an option unless you are using a class skill which rewards it. This may seem like a general nerf, but, this also means that spammers are now hella easy to defeat with just some good timing.
  • As for the classes, windfall does not seem to provide any significant benefit greater than stagger, khalt is easy to mess with using good timing (seeing a theme here?), stagger, while easily the strongest style is little used lately and frankly is becoming a bit predictable, forsaken is easier to fight against than ever now that you can react to slower first attacks, and Faejin, with the highest skill ceiling still rarely sees use different from forsaken, which it is less effective at replacing.
  • Hackers doh...
    DEM hackers doh...
    I don't see many of them (any...ever) but I hear about them all the time. That said, lag and invisibility and teleporting all seemed like normal glitches to me when they happened and I'm pretty sure I could play this game blind, so I normally still beat them too.

    I suggest you put some effort into playing slower and more reactively, and speed up when you know you can get a chain in. If anything I think this game is more like what it was meant to be than ever.
  • Quick end note: The procedurally generated dungeons were really disappointing though...
  • If and when the game starts to obey it's own rules in a way that is both clear and predictable, I will return to give it a second chance. Presently the game is horridly out of balance. It would behoove the product development team to focus effort on game playability and overall experience. Both have blatantly taken a backseat to other efforts which on release fall terribly short of player expectations. Finally, put an end to the Skinner boxes. That's one of the worst game design pitfalls in the industry and arguably morally questionable.
  • My opinion to this.

    There are alot of changes the downfall patch made better and some important changes that made absolver a bit worse.

    1) i like the dungeon but thats not rly the topic
    2) balancing the attacks is mostly well done btk is slower , jumping moves initiate faster,tripped kick has less range, stopping moves are all usefull.
    several good nerfes like the hitstun nerf to curled up uppercut or crouching elbow
    Nice rework to knee strike
    3) stagger can be hit by any thrust (mid thrusts arent a must have anymore) and the stamina regeneration finally works and NO stagger is not the strongest style since stagger has no hit confirm . It would win tourneys if stagger where that strong.
    4 ) simultaneous hits balance ping issues a little tiny bit
    5) evasive moves need to be timed right FINALLY
    6) in my case matchmaking works better, i dont have to fight players below ct lvl 500 anymore or only very rarely
    7) faejin looks cool even so ill stick with stagger
    8) the faejin attacks are a well addition to the game
    9) schools and seasons are awesome. Could be a bit more publicly so

    A) the defensive abilities have more input delay in general. For stagger i know it more specifically. The back dodges have about 3frames more delay from pressing dodge to starting it than before downfall. The sidedodge needs one more frame than the backdodge. And the front charge alot more.
    Althogh the stagger front charge can be interrupted by a normal hit at the very beginning of the charge.

    B) the manuel dodge can evade attacks within their range, wich doesnt make any sense and looks weird. You can just jump right through many attacks.

    C) Parry and strike is overnerfed. Its just the worst move now imo.
    -pulmonary palm is a bit overnerfed
    -grab punch became buggy i can back dodge it with stagger 90% of the time even so its a high thrust

    D) Some moves have additional ghost range like front kick

    E!!!) And most importantly the desync. of the hit and animation has increased and causes several bugs like a half-feinted attack.
  • edited November 2018
    to explain E
    that bug can although prevent the attackers from feinting. when you feint but your opponent dodges this ghost attack, you will continue your attack and think youre to dumb to press block early enough
    but actually its just this bug
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