Troll Alert on PC. STOP Following ME

Went up against a guy on pvp named Stop Following Me. Basically he does exactly what his name says he runs and doesn't fight, he makes you chase him until the point were you quit and he gets the win. i recently went against him and he ran the whole time. He would hop on this ledge and when i got close he would jump off and run back up the stairs again. However i out trolled him by not leaving the match. This went on for 15-20 minutes of both of us standing around because i wasn't gonna keep chasing him and feeding his troll soul. The best part is he finally left the match and i got the win. Not proud of it because i wanted to fight like real men. He was also geared out like crazy with gear i haven't yet seen myself. im assuming he gets a lot of wins by trolling people to the point were they leave the game. So for anyone who comes across this guy be warned that he will run. This is on PC. it is really frustrating, i never really thought that i would come across someone who actually gets wins by running around.


  • He sounds fun. Did you try turning on Benny Hill theme song while chasing?
  • lol no i didnt.

  • Hey Apex_Clix, we're sorry you encountered a player like this. Absolver is meant to be a fun, fair, skill-based game and people like this ruin that experience. We're aware of anti-cheat issues and are working to resolve them in an upcoming patch.
  • lol, probably a kid, who can have fun with a game like this in such a childish way? :)
    probably an isolated case...
  • this happened to me on ps4, but only for the final match he kept running and after a while i just waited him out.
    I dont think a timer would fix this, probably make it worse. Drive-bys are annoying but are manageable over a long time. I would hate to see people exploiting the timer.
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