Question regarding gaurd break.

Okay so I just recently had a match against a very good player (max prestige, he was amazing) and this player was able to get five free hits on me after breaking my gaurd or stamina or whatever it is when it’s depleted. Now Ive played quite a bit, and I can honestly say, that is the first time I’ve seen someone land so many hits after breaking my gaurd. I’m used to seeing people land two hits after braking your gaurd but not five. Maybe it’s a set of moves in a certain sequence? I made sure I was holding L2 after my gaurd was broken but it didn’t matter. My character was in a stun lock and just would take hit after hit. And these were devastating hits. Seems like half my health was gone after. Is there something I can do with my attribute points to prevent this or how do I prevent five free hits? Other than being more cautious with my stamina depletion of course. Also I’m playing forsaken and he was as well.


  • They should not have been able to land 5 blows or rather it would be unintended. While you should be punished by a guard break 5 hits is way more then a simple Punish. If he really did get 5 moves off it would have been nice if you would have caught what moves. Its most likely a player that found a way to do it and the devs missed it. If you can maybe see if the player is willing to show you how so you can show it to the devs.
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    That’s what I thought Jeantall. I’ve never seen anyone do this, ever. And I told myself to record it but i figured this had to have happened to someone before. So I didn’t. But I know the guys name, I’ll message him and ask nicely.
  • Hey MrOmny,

    We would need a video of what's going on to be able to tell if it's an edge-case where something like this can happen or if it's related to lag or just a bug with something. If you're able to get them to show you what's going on, let us know!
  • Hi Vanguard,
    I sadly didn’t record nor did he, but I did ask the guy and he said he was only using liver knee> side kick> hook after breaking my guard. apparently side kick into hook when gold linked correctly allows for a third hit almost always. But he also mentioned he has seen a glitch where sometimes your stamina does not regenerate after a guard break as it should, allowing for more hits. Which is essentially what was happening. So the combination of the two was allowing him to hit me up to five times after breaking my guard. Again this is the only match I’ve ever seen this happen. I believe it may have been a stamina glitch.
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