Report abuse

There needs to be a report abusive player function in game.


  • Hi looted,

    We don't currently have any plans to implement a feature like this. If you're running into someone you don't like in the Open World, switching in to offline mode prevents them bothering you. If it's in Combat Trials, leaving the match, waiting a bit so they get matched with someone else, then queuing again is the best solution. Well, outside just beating them into the ground in-game. That's always an option.

    Good luck and have fun!
  • Another solution is to just not play.

    I'm tired of facing unbeatable spam decks in pvp and out in the world.

    Besides the moment you transistion zones you become online again.
  • The best is the one move spam deck that is setup so the opening move counters what ever move you use and the just stand there using it, you can't even run away. The only option is to just quit.

    There should be a penalty for spam decks, many of us have talked about an increased stamina cost for gold chaining.

    10%, 15%, 25%, 40% increase im stamina cost for gold chaining attacks. This would curb spam decks, while making a more realistic approach to use of energy for effort.
  • What move are you talking about? I can't think of any that pin you down like that. What's a specific scenario -- what move are you opening with vs. the opening move counter of your opponent?
  • Its one of the base speed 10 moves, like jab. It was so fast it would inturrupt any move you did.
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