Horizontal attacks miss tracking

Today in 1v1 I noticed when I was doing the jump spin kick (tracks really well) I watched the animation of the leg drop to a low attack while in the air.


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    sounds weird, because its actually a high horizontal. Can we have some footage pls ?
  • Here is the video;

    I put a slowdown a few seconds before the hit, this bug was noticed during the start of 'gameplay slowdown bug' I previously reported. I wasn't slowed down much at this time due to normal weight gear but when I wear lower weight gear (fast) the slow down is much worse.
  • Hi looted,

    In all honesty, it looks like the other player ducked too early and was in the process of coming back up when the attack landed. That being said, we'll still let the team take a look at it to verify. Thanks for the video!
  • I put it into slow motion to show.
    I agree it looks like they are coming out of the duck but the foot still dips down.

    I've seen this happen a fair amount it could just be server lag catching up as well, that seemed to be what was happening that day.

    The worst is when you get a slow down, gold chaining fails and every move seems like a windfall dodged it.
  • y the animation is weird but he was hit because he failed the dodge timing not because of a bug. the only bug might be the animation
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