Just a Jab Game now

Just like the title says.


  • Jabs are completely countered with class ability. If someone has a jab - jab - jab string, I step to the side and side kick them. Very effective and easy.
  • Did that, he jabbed me too fast. Used earthquake, he Jabbed me through it...
  • Have you tried using any ducking moves? There's tons to choose from.
  • The jabs follow you now, they have more reach than kicks, they take more stamina away than kicks, there is no dodging... Just jab, jab, jab. Frelling jabbing bastards everywhere... Jabbing this and jabbing that, jabbing to and fro... Jabbing just to jab, breaking this game into jabberhell.
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    just block it, jabs need more stamina than they drain, avoid , absorb or parry it from time to time to get an even higher stamina advantage. although they can be dodge by almost everything. normal jump might be useless against jabs but all the evasive attacks to the bottom or side and the defensive abilitys counter jabs.
  • I used those, he have interrupted me, got a entire line supposedly works against jabbers... They don't. And the jabbers are getting faster....
  • than i dont know what you are talking about. i talked to about 40-50 absolver players and jabs where never one of their main problems. but most of them are bronze to diamond. so i can tell you wont have this problem after playing additional 50 hours pvp
  • Depends on the upcoming changes whether this game will even be worth it soon. As it stands now, it's only worth it after it seems, 50 to 60 hours of play, as you say.
  • I have encountered this before, and depending on your deck, it can be annoying. A jab › Direct-Punch loop can be frustrating sometimes if you don't have certain dodge-attacks, and even if you can counter it, its certainly not fun. In scenarios like that, I just quit. Even if I can easily beat them, I'll quit. In fact, I'm a quitting machine. If I'm really sick of the meta, I'll just quit it. If I see WWDP and Grab-Punch. Quit. (shrug) Why not? There's no penalty for quitting and it doesn't take long to queue up another fight. I'm just silently sending the message "you're boring". That's the reason I don't want player rankings, as soon as winning becomes a priority, every player will be using the same crappy moves.
  • Just wanted that balanced art feel, not mma wannabe cheap shots....
  • If they're just repeatedly punching you, I would say its more like Boxing cheap shots
  • I use a jab combo often and while its fast it gets countered often enough that I can tell you its beatable. all 4 styles work to counter it
  • @seryph420 this game isnt as accessible as a party game but you can still have fun at every time of your game experience when you focus on your progress instead of on your winrate. In absolver your mindset plays a great role. Self reflection , tactic and outsmarting your opponent are very important.
  • not really much to have fun with when they punch you into a corner and just jab you to death. Everyone keeps saying it's defend-able, but these guys aren't losing stamina as much as I'm losing life. Not really much of a PVP game with only the masters nocking around on the noobs. I'm not the only one thinking it, just the only one not caring if I get bashed for a FACT of an imbalanced move. If everyone knows it's imbalanced and they can't fix it, then it needs to be removed.
  • <----has never been able to stun lock someone into a corner with it as you can just hold guard and I will run out of stam first. All 4 schools also counter it and their are some very good moves that also counter it very hard as well.Hell IF I could fight someone who spammed it like you said it would be a easy win to avoid a single thrust attack. Trust me as someone who uses the moves a lot that it has a lot of counters. Maybe take a day or so to rest form it before trying again? If you go into a fight frustrated your gonna do a lot worse. As for the masters of the game its not like they get much choice on who they fight.
  • I don't think "everyone knows it's imbalanced"; honestly I think we're just confused. So lets walk through this: When you attack, you get interrupted. Got it. And when you Avoid, you get jabbed again before you can punish. OK. The first solution, ducking attacks, there are several to choose from and many are very fast. There's no way somebody can Jab you to death if your sweeping or roll-punching. Next, the avoid, your punish attack is probably too slow. The window to punish after an avoid isn't very big so make sure to use something moderately fast. Try either, or both, of those things and I'm positive you can easily beat the jab
  • jab isnt imbalanced at all, except for its incredible speed, jab only have downsides to other moves.
  • wow with charge moves, parry and strike, and strafes out there you people are crying about jabs? holy shit..
  • R3kk3N said:

    wow with charge moves, parry and strike, and strafes out there you people are crying about jabs? holy shit..

    actually we are explaining why jabs are balanced if you read 20% of the comments youll notice it
  • Actually we're talking about how it's incredibly balanced, except for it's speed.... Not to mention it's reach, since it can go further than a kick.... So realistic that.
  • most absolvers here seem to think that jabs are pretty balanced even so you have another opinion about it. wich is perfectly fine but i think youll change your mind anyways when you get better in this game
  • Will wait for Next big patch to see if anything changes to see if it's gonna be worth it.
  • I used to think the same thing "Jesus these jablords are unbeatable!"

    After rage quitting something like 15 times to a spammer, I was just about ready to give up but I kept playing, simply because this game is too good to stop playing for some dude whos entire philosophy is GOTTA GO FAST.

    After a good amount of PvP, I now believe, as much as I hate admitting this, that it was simply a matter of "git gud".

    However, this is a issue that seriously needs to be adressed, because though my winrate is now something like 50/50 vs spammers. I absolutely abhor playing against them, it is just not fun!

    : )
  • Everyone in the lower tier pvp that I see all just spam left click. No dodging no blocking just left click over and over in stagger style and I guess it is a matter of learning how to fight against that but that is literally all I see in pvp, its sad
  • I'm sorry but i can't give that my vote I run a full all kick build and at im at least is able to through some hits in every time(and even some wins). sure im not the best at pvp but the build i have has been useful one against those who like to jab
  • I have an all kick deck too and honestly jab spammers haven’t been much of a threat due to a few sweeping combos I have in it. My sword deck also has a few charged punches in it in case they get butthurt and whip out a weapon lol
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