The statues

So i took a picture of my absolver squating next to a statue of a man thinking by a temple in the oration area.
When taking a closer look i realized he is holding his own mask in his hands.
I have always assumed that if an absolver removed his mask he would die for good, hence the lost prospects trying to pull their masks off to escape thier adalian limbo,
This discovery has spawned so many new questions about the possibilities behind the fold.
Were there once absolvers whos faith in the fold allowed them to remove their masks? That would help explain the twins as well honestly.
Sloclap please let me know if im on to something cause i know there is something out here


  • Hey SlyRiot,

    If you can post that screenshot, that will help us figure out exactly what statue you're referencing. Once we have that, we'll know what we can share about it.

  • SlyRiot.

    the story makes you re visit each of the 3 boss trials three times each. On the second meeting with Kilnor and
    Cargal. Kilnor mentions secret incantations to live maskless.

    i advise playing the full story and doing all the boss trials three times ( you will need combat trial levels to acess them again) but what they have to say changes with each encounter.
  • Its a bad quality photo sorry
  • Upon further reveiw im sad to says i was completely wrong about my sightings.
    Turns out my camera quality made me see what i thought was the jagged edge of a mask but was actually just pixelation from taking a photo of the television lol
    My apologies.
    I was really eager to learn more about this place :)
  • Hi SlyRiot,

    Thank you for letting us know. We are glad to hear that you've figured out everything yourself!
  • still the puzzle remains:
    why there are those statues scattered in the ruins?
    or maybe it's better to call them petrified people...
  • The man who helps you open and manage your school, actually mentions that the statues are a tribute, if I remember correctly.
  • Then again. The twins in their little area are able to come back to life and they dont where masks.
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