Lock On System.

I would recommend a different type of lock system by simply pressing the lock button to cycle through enemies and to disengage the lock-on by holding the lock button. This will make group fights more fluid and enjoyable!


  • This could be a nice option
  • Yeah this would be a nice option to have. It could even just be a menu option that you could toggle between this one and classic
  • Agreed on this one, i keep fumbling buttons trying to switch focus.
  • agree, this would be nice
  • I wish to have lock on a closest target
  • Hi Swagrific! That's a pretty cool idea, so I'll be passing it along, thank you for your thoughts! I can't promise or guarantee it'll be implemented though!
  • Hi, PS4 player here, and I feel that lock on, in general, is problematic. The way it functions in the control scheme actually hinders me from using a custom control scheme that I like. I'll try to explain.

    I don't think it makes sense to have the attack buttons mapped to square and triangle for this game. The reason why is because each class's unique defensive ability is mapped to R-stick. Since fluidity and quickness are so important, I like to put the attacks on R1 and R2 (like they would be in a Souls-game). This lets me keep my thumb on the R-Stick while my forefinger is busy with the attacks. However, customizing the control scheme in this way leaves me with very limited options for where to place the lock on button. I can't put it on L1 or L2, because you absolutely have to have Guard and Stance Change on triggers. To place those two elsewhere is the little death that kills you over and over. (I don't think I have to say this really, because it should be obvious, but you can't assign lock-on to a face button either, because you absolutely have to be able to use the analog at the same time).

    Due to this conflict between the different commands, I've ended up assigning lock-on to R3, which isn't ideal, but it is the only available place it makes sense to have this feature. Doing this makes changing targets feel kind of clumsy and unpredictable. I don't always get the analog to click when I want and holding it down can be a problem in certain situations. I have been taking hits in moments where being able to change targets more quickly and confidently would have saved me. However, I don't really think my experience would improve much with lock-on in the default R1 position. Having it there would just slow me down in other ways.

    I hate saying this, because I like the vision of this game and I want it to be great, but the implementation of lock-on just sort of sucks and it is absolutely essential to the game. I think you guys may have shot yourselves in the foot when you decided to assign two very different, but also very important, tactical functions to the same analog stick. Having done that interrupts the flow and I feel certain situations are always going to feel a little clumsy, inexact, or momentarily confusing because of it. In Souls, the right analog has one job and that's lock-on. This makes changing targets quickly easy and direct. It's a shame that can't be the case here.
  • This has been the only thing i would like to change in terms of gameplay. It will become even more of an issue when 3v3 PvP is implemented I think.
  • Cycling is the way to go I think, maybe defaulting to closest opponent?
    That's just the Souls games in me talking tho
  • Plus if I see another player getting jumped by 3-5 NPC's and try to help, I almost always tag the other player first
  • I'm on PS4 and switched the R1 and R2. Hi everyone.
  • I dont mind the lock system, I just wish they didn't use the same joystick to cycle locked targets that is used to dodge/parry/absorb.
  • Pc player here, would love to be able to rebind the lock on to anything other than the scroll wheel.
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