is windfall buggy?

as im getting more and more proficient with the game i have noticed that a successful windfall evade doesnt always slow my opponent.. whats more is that the evade mechanism seems a bit delayed at times.. i dont know if this is due to lag. I have asked around on the twitch streams and a few people have voiced that it sometimes fails to slow the attacker


  • I think the timing has to be quite specific for the miss to register. I play with stagger and similarly, I don't always get a shard charge for what I thought was a successful defense. Lag will also mess you around.
  • nope there are a ton of instances when i leap a sweep or duck a punch and my opponent keeps going on like it never happened.. i get the essence charge i hear the pretty ding of a successful evade but the slow just doesnt happen this has costed me more matches lately than anything else
  • to answer my own question.. its not working
  • 100% Windfall is broken atm. What makes it bad is that you can start a match with everything working, but somewhere/sometime during battle, our defensive special just won't work. It is very frustrating and needs to be addressed ASAP.
  • We have a fix for Windfall being worked on and it's targeted for release with the next patch. We're targeting the patch for next week at the latest, however that date may be fluid based on any bugs that crop up during QA testing.
  • thank you for the welcome news
  • Yea. Thx Vanguard. Getting tired of facing all these buffed Khalt players.
  • The issue with Windfall has been resolved with today's patch. You can find the notes here:
  • Wow -- targeted the patch for next week and got it out the door the next day. Amazing.
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