Secret Masks that we don't know about?

OK BOYOS! I just got off a combat trial with some fella who was rocking some strange mask that i've never EVER seen before. I'm talkin' a mask that isn't seen on any typical webpage like the wiki or anything of the sort. I thought that i was just dumb and missed it on somewhere. BUT I'M NOT! I now regret that I never took a screenshot of the dude wearing it. BUT i did friend him. Here is the conversation i had with the guy. I'm going to remove out his name so no unneeded traffic goes to his account.

Insanoex: Sorry for leaving there lol. BUT I HAD TO ASK! where did you get that mask my man lol
Insanoex: never seen it in game!
Insanoex: lucky pull?
-------: lol np
-------: i have no idea
-------: i mean i dont remember
Insanoex: AWW COME ON MAN!
-------: ist been a long time since i dont play

SO he says that he doesn't remember... and he is an oldschool player. Were there masks given out as an event? Maybe exclusive masks given to people who played in the closed beta maybe? Perhaps there are masks SO RARE that the developers keep them a secret so it'll be a super special surprise to whomever is lucky enough to obtain one... I don't know. But being a Fabsolver like myself, that's info i'd like to know! There are mysterious forces at work here my friends. Next time I see this guy online, i'll try to show you what im talking about friends.


  • I actually better do my best to describe it before i forget lol. The mask was gray/Dark Gray. The mask had some humanlike features, though not as pronounced like the Devil mask, yet more detailed than the Rengkok mask. I'm pretty sure it also had light up eyes like the Rengkok though solid dots. That's the best i can do for now fellas. If any developers read this post, i'd like to have some info on this subject please. I know what i saw so there's no hiding it from me you sneaksters!

  • I GOT IT! Has anyone seen this one before? Even the top looks different to me as well. Am i just crazy or is this something that I've missed all this time? I guess my description was decent enough, minus the glowing eye part lol.
    WHAT.jpg 171.8K
  • This is the Uring Guard mask, it's part of the new gear added very recently
  • As Integr8 stated, the mask in the picture is the Uring Guard Set mask. This should be a loot option in Rift Disks.
  • I've never seen anyone except myself with the Elohim, pretty proud of that one
  • I have 1000+ hours in this game and this the first time I've ever seen this. But then again I'm on Xbox we literally don't have certain mask and moves like play station an P.C you guys even have a single microtransaction for emotes on other platforms but we dont? Ide glady pay 1.99$ for new emotes! Shit I'd buy it twice
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