Mask Extremely low drop rates

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I've been playing this game for quite a while now. I am lvl 60 , PVP lvl 154(4/5 matches win). Roughly 70 hours of gameplay. Yet I only had one PVP mask and, to be frank, its probably the most boring mask I've ever seen : a green prospect mask. The customization trailer they showed on YouTube does not represent the game at all. I only get the same few generic items and a tiny amount of them have different colors.At this rate , you would have to play a thousand hours to get to that diverse inventory shown in the trailer. Even then

What PVP lvl are you ? what mask or rare drops did you get ?


  • 200. I had 3 mask drop, and that include a duplicate, so 2 different mask.
  • 120. 3 different
  • UNCBLOCKS said:

    120. 3 different

    Which ones ?
  • I can't remember their names but I got a "Sand People" one that kinda looks like its crying, a metal yellow one with a big cylindrical hat (kinda like an Asian straw hat I guess) and a crazy looking cubism mask that's pastel blue and SUPER wide, very weird looking. Thats it though. I use the Sand-people one, it kinda makes me look like a crying baby but I still like it for some reason
  • Humm I got this asian straw hat unblocks refer too, so I guess I got 4 mask, 3 différents one. I tought I got the hat from a cairn.
  • You can take the marked ones masks if you beat them up enough, which gives you a decent collection of masks when stacked on top of the 6 you got for free from 1.06.
  • I tired that, and got bored of it.
  • Yes , I did get the Forest dweller mask after beating the boss at least 70 times ahaha
  • Just won the Upside down mask in PVP. Cool drop but probably one of the easiest mask to get since you can just beat Revario to get it ... Still in search of the beautiful Orate keeper mask
  • Holy shit! mah dream mask.
  • I'm lvl 62 I've had two masks drop. orate keeper and forest dweller but I had character before this one ( save got corrupted) lvl 59 I think but I didn't have a single mask drop for that one
  • Im talking purely about in the combat trials by the way. I've gather a fair few masks from single player.
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