Double marked ones

I've noticed that sometimes when I encounter a marked one two of them spawn as far as I can tell it only happens when I'm online. As anyone else found this problem


  • Hi a_wandering_fox,

    Thanks for letting us know about this! Would you have a screenshot/short video of the situation? It would help the team investigate the issue.

    Thank you!
  • I don't but I'll try to sort something out for you asap
  • No screenshot, but I'll confirm his report. I've found it happens most often with Marked One #6 by the Tower of Adal, though it has happened down with Marked One in the forest barn. And yes, it's something to do with being online in a busy area, where you see a lot of joiners.
  • I get this bug a lot I've posted this pic before but this is what it looks like:

    It's never more than 2 and usually they're each standing in different spawn locations when you find them. I've seen 2 different instances of Lamren in Central Harbor one was sitting and the other was standing. Dormek is the worst for me
  • Hey everyone, thank you all so much for helping to shed light on this bug, the picture and descriptions of affected Marked Ones really do help!

    I can't promise a direct response, but I'm passing this over to the team and will make sure it gets their attention.

    Thank you again, and if there's anything else you can think of that might help too, please post it and I'll be happy to send that as well!
  • I've gotten three jinn mescas on the adal-hunting path connect, but I thought it was an intentional difficulty spike or something. Fighting more than one marked one is AWESOME. (I know jinn isnt a marked one but I have had the same experience with the harry potter wannabe under the crawlspace too) Just saying I like it.
  • You've got some serious skill if you manage that, AngelNoire! Thanks for the info as well, I really appreciate it!
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