Gravity needs an update.

Is it just me or does gravity seem like it should activate faster? Maybe I'm just not used to it. I feel it would work better as an interrupter and a combo starter if it activated quicker. But this could lead to gravity spam. I find I get interrupted most times I use it up close, and from a distance the attack window doesn't seem open enough. What are your thoughts?


  • I like it as it is. To be more effective, you could try using it as a combo starter with long range attacks.

    I have not mastered blocking it yet tho. So if it would activate faster, for scrubs like me it would be awesome to have a clearer indicator for when an enemy gravity hits.
  • When you block it, your dude lifts a leg, like he is checking a leg kick.

    When it hits you, you kinda fall.

    And I think the speed is fine. It'd be too easy if it were considerably faster. It is a pretty powerful ability.
  • Yea I think I'm just not used to it. Switched to Earthquake and that seems to get interrupted way less. More range than Shockwave too I think
  • Anyone else reminded of Blood bending by Gravity?? lol
  • My only issue with earthquake is that attacks that inherently dodge low attacks avoid earthquake altogether. Not sure if this is a bug or balance decision but IMO it rewards more luck than skill.
  • You can use to dash to avoid gravity casts altogether
  • That works on Earthquake as well

    You can use to dash to avoid gravity casts altogether

  • I didn't know it work for earthquake to that's super handy thanks
  • Afaik. I'm pretty sure i've noticed it be dodged before. Don't want you to get messed up :)
  • Worth noting that if you PvP with your friends in open world a lot sometimes Gravity just doesn't ever wear off until you log out.

    Had this happen twice and eventually was running a 20 mobility build that couldn't dash if my life depended on it.

    Otherwise its a good move when paired IMO with Exhaust as you can pretty much destroy someones defense. I personally feel Exhaust should cost less to make it viable, and that Gravity should last longer to make it more applicable though.

    The current meta of heal-shockwave is simply too prevalent.
  • Yea I switched to earthquake for that exact reason
    Liddykins said:

    The current meta of heal-shockwave is simply too prevalent.

  • I do use heal/shockwave, but ironically, not as a combination. It simply fails too often. At least on the PS4, Many many players use gravity to efficiently break you heal. As soon as you use shockwave, they use gravity, so while you are in your heal animation, their shockwave start, and it hits right after your heal kick in.

    I use heal when the opportunity present itself, like when my opponent back up by himself. The reason why I am keeping shockwave is that I very very much tend to overspend my stamina. I only ever created one character, and since I went trough all the trouble of learning every single move for trophy sake, I do not feel like creating another one. And it so happen that, in my inexperience, I have a very low endurance stat, so I have a very low stamina count.

    Shockwave help me get out of trouble when I mismanage my stamina, and in the end, I find that more useful than the free punish earthquake allows.
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