graphic intensive? /stuttering

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i recently noticed while using MSI afterburner to check the temperatures under the game that the temperature while playing goes from 60 to 65 degrees dont get me wrong the game its beautiful and all but it shouldnt be this demanding considering the requirements, and beyond that i noticed the game has some bugs with the graphics and stuttering as well, i think it needs optimization, hopefully it will be delivered under patches?.

thanks for your time.


  • I expected some more optimization as well...using pad stutters like hell
  • Hi brownieland,

    We're sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with stuttering and demanding graphics. Could you give us more details please, such as the specs of your machine? We need as much info as possible before forwarding the issue to our tech team! Thank you for your help!
  • I have graphical problems too. Probably due to the age of the machine. I have to run it 800x600 with lowest settings.
    Dell laptop, i7 4500u, Nvidia 750m, 16gb of ram.
    On low settings you'll notice lighting problems as well. I think the game just needs to be optimized better. I don't have this problem with more intensive games.
  • Hey everyone!

    I wanted to stop in and let you all know that we are definitely working on improving the graphical optimization of the game. In fact, that's what our art team is currently tasked with! We don't have an ETA for you, but it's their current priority and we'll push out updates for this as soon as we can.
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