Thank you

Thanks. Not just for the awesomely fun game but being transparent about tech stuff. Giving us an eta for updates is much appreciated. knowing what your working on eludes to the fact that your actually working on it. It seems like some games get abandoned or updates come at random time fixing mundane things. Or days will pass with no patch notes.
Responding to tweets and forums also shows that you guys are actually reading the posts, even taking feedback from the community. So thanks for listening and being informative.


  • You're welcome!

    We'll continue to work hard at resolving the issues the community is facing while also communicating as often as possible about timelines. Sometimes talking about timelines can be difficult as we'll think we have something ready to go out but at the last second we'll find an issue with it that prevents us from moving forward as it would have an adverse effect on the community. We hate having to delay a fix for something, but ultimately we have to do what's truly best for the player-base even if it means we get yelled at for a delay.

    Just know we're always working to make things better for the community and we'll continue to do so moving forward.
  • haha he posted it at 4:20 pm blazearoni am i right kids
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