A Way to Get Rid of Duplicate Clothes!

The inventory's cluttered with duplicates after a while. There needs to be some way to get rid of 'em. Like, say, trade 'em in for a tiny bit of experience. Just a lil' bit. Or, fuse them together, say, 5 of 'em, for a chance at a random item, but they have to be in the same category of clothing.

Just SOMETHING to minimize the amount of duplicates we're carrying.

Btw, game's awesome! Keep up the good work, guys!


  • Please I have so many duplicates, just let me throw them away. Unless you have plans for merchants.
    The fusion could be good cause most gear has a "worn" version and a "clean" one.
  • I'll start a discussion for a market system. This is one reason to have a market system.
  • Yes please. I have so many dirty rags I feel like a laundry basket.
  • edited September 2017
    PvP keeps giving me duplicates, it's driving me crazy and is dismotivating me. Doing PvP over and over is fun and all, but if I'm not getting rewarded with something it becomes a cycle of frustration.
    There needs to be a recycling NPC/Object to put gear you don't want in, to create something new. I keep getting the same pants, the same belts, the same gloves, the same elbows. All the same colors.

    You don't even need to add a ridiculously complex system like "currency". Trade up items(2-3 is fair, due to anything higher will feel even more frustrating when you get the same item in a different color that you didn't want) for 1 new item.
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