Sometimes game stuck in pvp at the end.

edited September 2017 in Bug reports
I dunno how to reproduce it and why it happend, but sometimes I can't quit the fight...

Here is the video:


  • Hi Fishman,

    We're sorry you're having this issue with being unable to quit a fight.

    Thanks for the video, it's very useful! I'm passing this on to the team for investigation.

    Have a great evening!
  • edited September 2017
    I'm also having this issue. Came here to make sure this is reported. I left the game on while I was editing this video and by the time I was done my character was unstuck and where he's supposed to be.

  • At least you got your victory :D
  • Hey there, Troy! You did the right thing by adding that you've also experienced this issue. I'll make sure that yours is brought to the team, along with FishMan's. While I can't guarantee a direct response, I'll do my utmost to make sure it's seen.

    Thank you, and please accept my apologies for the trouble it's caused!
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