Game freezes on stage transition

On PC (GoG)

Today when moving from Guidance bridge to the Tower Area, the game sort of... hung. As I ran across the bridge the camera got stuck in a weird angle and refused to follow me around anymore. I could still move, and the controls responded, but the camera wouldn't move from its strange position overlooking the bridge.

When I attempted to pause the game and meditate, the background did not change to the normal "select your moves" background. Instead the background of the meditation menu showed exactly what the camera showed when it stopped moving. I had to quit the game and reload it to solve the issue. It happened twice today and a few more times last night as well, but has occurred occasionally since launch


  • Hi, I also get the same bug on PC but not so often.
    But I have also an other issue, every damn time when I come to a world/map transition I see my character twice and can't move in any direction. Then I have always to quit the game and login again. For me it is unplayable. In one hour I have to quit and start the game over 10 times WTF?

    @Developers If you need a how "to reproduce" video please answer to this message.
  • Hi,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your bug report!

    We're sorry for any frustration this bug has caused. I will be passing this report along for further review. Any further details concerning this bug would be very helpful, including screenshots, videos, etc.
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