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0203 538 2665 <- Contact phone number for playstation users to request a refund. Bad textures I could live with, bad network issues I could live with, having to restart my PS4 3-4 times a day because I had been frozen in place I could live with. My skills disappearing and being unable to restore them making my PvE and PVP play style unusable is where I sadly draw the line. I love this game but make playstation aware of these problems.

I'm not sure if Sloclap know the difference between a Patch and a Hotfix but when your content is permanently disappearing from the game and peoples save files with 50+ hours are corrupting, these are not things you wait to address with a patch. (no matter how deep and philosophical RZA get's on twitter...)


  • Unfortunately hotfixes are quickly dying thanks to cross platform games.. Companies such as Sony Entertainment require all changes be submitted for review before release. Hotfixes are still viable but would still take up to 3 business days to deploy due to these standards.
  • Chaxtv said:

    Hotfixes are still viable but would still take up to 3 business days to deploy due to these standards.

    I would still prefer this to having a game filled with gamebreaking bugs that gets patches every other week that don't even seem to fix anything.
  • Hey there, Urahara54, I'm terribly sorry for the problems you've had with the game, though I do appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

    The issues you've been facing are indeed big ones that need work to fully address and fix for you, such as the crashing and freezing, the network connectivity problems, and skills and powers disappearing, among others.

    With this being the case, may I ask for a little bit more information? I'd like to check and see which version of the game you're running? Version 1.06 was released very recently, and I'd like to know if this helps alleviate any of the issues that you're having.

    Additionally, if you are indeed running on 1.06 and the problems are still occurring, please feel free to report them right here or contact the team directly at, providing as much detail on what's happening as you can.

    Thank you again for the honest feedback on what you're experiencing, and I must apologize for the issues that you've had.
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