Charged attacks

Is there a time that you have to get off a second hit before you stop the charged attacks? many times have i got 2 hits off before the attacks connect but they still finish. It feels like if its not a 2 hit move it will not stop a charged attack.


  • Charged attacks can only absorb one hit. What may be happening is that you're being affected by latency that's causing the attack to visually appear to be mid-motion when your second hit lands when in actuality it's already hit you.

    We've been working on this kind of issue with each update, so now that 1.06 is out let us know if you're still running into this or not.
  • Also right now there seems to be a bug where the absorb does not go away on hit and lingers, so you'll throw a charged attack, opponent block, then they'll throw a fast attack and it will be absorbed. Possibly the same latency issue, possibly not,
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