Progression without PvP

I read an interesting discussion on AFKers the other day.

Just a quick summary. @Galoyal admits to being an AFKer and mentions multiple reasons as to why. One reason, I slightly agree with, is the fact that you can't progress in PvE without doing combat trials.

Now I don't agree with their methods, but they did make some good points. Just want to say I didn't post this to bash on them or to get them in trouble. Want to make that much clear and would like to avoid further discussion on that.

I understand that this game is mainly focused on PvP, but there are some who would rather avoid it for a longer period of time. So seeing how it's not a PvE focused game, why restrict PvE?

I wondered why not just release the next difficulty level for bosses after Risryn was defeated? So the only reason for someone to farm XP by AFK'ing after that would be to either earn trophies, or to try and make a school (which I believe shouldn't be level locked either)

This would likely cause some people to be upset with no PvP reward system, due to the boss requirements limiting gear availability. Now I don't know whether or not that gear is better or pretty much just for looks. I don't see equipment being a replacement for skill, so personally that wouldn't bother me. I also just like the challenge of a different fighter and wouldn't be bothered by the lack of a reward system. But that's just my opinion.

Also a ranked PvP with a reward system could very well change that as well. Here's a link to a suggestion I agree with concerning that.

Thoughts, suggestions, or comments?


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    I can understand why making a school is locked as a mentor should have enough experience/skill fighting to warrant the aquisition of disciples. However, I do not think that bosses should be locked behind CT level. Especially since they aren't much more difficult (if at all) relative to their earlier fights.
  • That does make sense. I play with my friends so I think I was just a bit disgruntled because I couldn't learn other styles right off the bat lol.
  • On the exploration/ PVE side, i would love to be able to meditate and see the world map. a few too many times whilst playing, i have managed to get lost or end up exploring the same area over and over.
  • Yeah I have to agree that some sort of more detailed map would be useful
  • I would love to see PvE play more of a part in progression over pure PvP. I love the game, but I am super salty and crap when it comes to getting whooped on a frequent basis.
  • Hey Guy_porter, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the increasing difficulty level for the bosses. I can't promise that they'll be implemented, but I'll be bringing your ideas to the team.

    Also, we are currently working on a prestige system to be released on a future update. Thanks again!
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