Corrupted save file? (PS4)

Hi, i have a big trouble: i was waiting for the duel to start but i got stuck in the loading screen so i've closed the apllication form the ps4 menu and since then i cannot load my save file anymore! he gives me error. Please help me i put a lot of dedication on that :(


  • Oh the name of the pg is Mastino
  • We're sorry to hear you ran into an issue with your save file. This is an issue we're working hard to address and prevent from happening.

    Unfortunately, saves that have been corrupted are not recoverable. For now, we recommend activating the Saved Data in Online Storage on your PlayStation 4. You can find more information on this here:

    If you'd like to help us fix this issue, please send an email to with a description of what was happening in-game when your save became corrupted. We appreciate all help in resolving this issue.
  • What!!!!!! All my hrs lost are you kidding me!!!!! This is b.s.
  • Played the game for two days and was towards the end when a error happened and it kicked me out of the game so I went back on it and it read that my data has been corrupted all of it I don't understand I had files saved but there all gone now thanks for fixing that absolver (NOT)
  • I have been experiencing this bug multiple times, i understand you can activate saved data online storage, but there is an issue when i have to do it every 10 minutes in fear of me losing my pvp progress, i have made it to Combat Rank 20 and have been shot down to 10 and then 16 because of this bug, it really needs to be fixed or i don't see myself investing anymore time into this game.
  • I love this game for better and for worse but I will have to say this bug is not a low chance of happening. This is a constant thing and I have been hit 3 times by it. I have lost everything and I cannot say that us saving in a separate folder is even a decent suggestion on dealing with this issue. This game forces a grind in learning moves,levels,gear(even more so since gear in pvp that is a mask/weapon is a low low drop) and a set back in this is quick to doom the game. Right now this bug is so bad that its no longer a issue of if it will happen to you but WHEN. Meaning if you play this game for any decent amount of time you will encounter this bug.
    This Should be a priority 1 bug fix.
    I still love this game and will try to rebuild my character for the 4th time
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