[Expansion Concept] The Wardens Discipline

Discipline: The Wardens

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New System: Relief & Recovery

Players who are looking to rebuild alongside The Wardens are rewarded for specific action.

+2 Alignment for each other player Assisted(help them kill a PvE or even PVP enemy who initiated the fight).
+4 Alignment for each other player Revived.
+6 Alignment for each Remnant aligned player killed.
+12(+1 per additional wave after 15) Alignment for each "Defense" Combat Trial completed.

(Unlocked at Alignment 64) New Combat Trial: Defense-

Up to 3 players are tasked with the protection of what appears to be a dojo against waves of non-player enemies. Each wave has three enemies, with enemy damage, health, and stamina getting increased by a set amount upon completion. Each enemies' moveset and gear are randomized, with there even being some Remnant enemies mixed in every now and again.

Every time a player dies(brief window to revive them), the dojo is destroyed by 20%, meaning players can only die 5 times per play through. Enemies start out really weak(as in 3-shot weak) and rise to and even above boss status.

New Style: Noble Style-

The Noble Style is a heavy combat style focused around the use of weaponry and one's body to create openings. Heavily influenced by Strength and Vitality. Every new move is unlocked per 12 From Alignment 60-180.

Sharpen- Refresh the durability of your weapon and increase the increase the grade scaling on your next attack by one stage(stacks additively).

Heavy Bash- Throw your body into the enemy. Moderate Speed. Breaking Attacks(break guard). Almost no damage. Medium Range.
Light Bash- Quickly lunge to have your shoulder make contact with the enemy. Quick speed. Disrupting Attacks(Breaks charged attacks). Almost no damage. Long Range.
Leg Jerk- Counter a non-special kick to slam your enemy into the ground. Moderate peed. Kick Counter(triggers if kicked). If kicked with a non-Breaking/Disrupting/Ducking/Jumping kick, grab the enemy's leg and drive them into the ground for heavy damage. Personal range.
Shoulder Toss-Counter a non-special punch to slam your enemy into the ground. Slow Speed. Punch counter(triggers if punched). If punched, grab the enemy's hand and Judo flip them for heavy damage. Personal Range.
Hands On- Grab an enemy and push/pull them. Fast Speed. Situational. If facing enemy push them. If not facing enemy pull them. No damage. Short Range.

Overhead Cleave- Charge up and slam an enemy over the head. Slow. Charging Attacks(Absorbs a Blow). Heavy damage. Moderate Range.
Collarbone Crash- Bring your weapon down into an enemy's shoulder. Moderate Speed. Moderate Damage. Moderate Range.
Savior's Harry- Execute a spinning whirlwind that deals up to 3 ticks of damage. Moderate Speed. Unbreakable(Attack cannot be stopped once it's landed). Low Damage per tick. Short Range.
Excessive Battery- Leap into the air and bring your weapon down. Slow. Breaking Attacks. High Damage. Long Range.
Execute- Bring your weapon into the gut of an enemy. Moderate Speed. Moderate Damage. Short Range.

New Weapons)
(Unlocked at Alignment 120) Pronged Mace- 3 Weight. 3 Shard Cost. 350 Durability. (Blunt) x--------- (Cut)
S scaling with Noble. A scaling with Kahlt and Forsaken. C scaling with Mal and Stagger. E scaling with Windfall and Vile.

(Unlocked at Alignment 144) Uring Longsword(Spatha)- 2 Weight. 1 Shard Cost. 170 Durability. (Blunt) -----X---- (Cut). A scaling with Windfall, Noble, and Kahlt. D scaling with Forsaken, Mal, and Vile.

(Unlocked at Alignment 168) Waning Crescent Sword(Falcata)- 1.8 Weight. 2 Shard Cost. 270 Durability.
(Blunt) ---------x (Cut). A scaling with Noble, Windfall, Kahlt, Mal, and Forsaken. C scaling with Stagger. D scaling with Vile.

(Unlocked at Alignment 180) Waxing Crescent Sword(Khopesh)- 2.2 Weight. 4 Shard Cost. 170 Durability (Blunt) -------x--(Cut). S scaling with Noble, Windfall, and Mal. B Scaling with Vile and Kahlt. C Scaling with Forsaken. E scaling with Stagger.

(Unlocked at Alignment 108) Peacemaker(Morningstar)- 2.6 Weight. 4 Shard Cost. 170 Durability. (Blunt) --x------- (Cut). A Scaling with Noble, Kahlt, and Forsaken. B Scaling with Stagger. C scaling with Vile. E scaling with Windfall and Mal.

(Unlocked at Alignment 216) Sika's Hand(Kanabo)- 3 Weight. 3 Shard Cost. (Blunt) x--------- (Cut). S scaling with Noble, Kahlt, Mal, and Forsaken. E Scaling with Vile, Stagger, and Windfall.

New Armor-

(Each piece unlocked every 6 Alignment from Alignment 6-54) Depth Sentry Set- Stone Armor with cloth underneath carved to fit one size: Every size. Very heavy and protect against both cut and blunt damage.

(Unlocked at Alignment 54)Sentry Mask- Angular shield-shaped mask. Great against blunt damage, but no so much cut.

(Each Piece unlocked every 9 Alignment from Alignment 9-81) Vassal Set- Cracked plated armor spread carefully to cover external areas connected by chains, with skin-tight clothing underneath and leather boots. Good mobility for decent resistances.

(Unlocked at Alignment 81) Slave Mask- A shogun-looking mask but with the helmet wrapping and closing around the chin and teeth gritted shut. If pain were to have a face, this would be it.

(Each piece unlocked every 24 Alignment from Alignment 24-216) Warden Set- Padded Vest and shoulders over steel-capped pants, boots and gloves accentuated by a cloth undershirt. Heavy, but offers great protection against both cut and blunt damage.

(Unlocked at Alignment 216) Warden Helm- Hexagonal helmet with a branching story inscribed on each flat surface. One must wonder the order in which they belong. Poor against blunt damage, but exceptional against cut.

New Powers-

(Unlocked At Alignment 36) Resuscitate- Restore Stamina to full and revive a fallen player within a long range vicinity. 1 Shards.

(Unlocked at Alignment 72) Grandmastery- Allows the equipment of a second weapon, chosen at random, for the cost of 2 Shards.
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